Do you feel like vomiting as soon as you get in the car? Car rides can be really difficult for people who suffer from car motion sickness. The feeling of nausea makes one feel really uncomfortable. 

If you are someone who passes through the same everytime you go for a drive then here are some foods you should eat to prevent this feeling. 


nausea remedy

This is an effective and easy remedy for motion sickness. You just need to keep some cardomom seeds with you whenever you are heading for a journey. Chew one or two seeds to prevent the feeling of nausea. 

Packet Of Nuts

nausea remedy

Do you know nuts can keep nausea at bay? Keep a pack of nuts in your bag. They have good amount of protein and rich in starch too. This helps you in dealing with the feeling of nausea you get while you are in the car.


You need to have foods that are high in starch because they are good for your stomach. Crackers can help you feel good when you feel nausea. Having crackers with cold water can give you relief.


A lot of people feel dehydrated in the car and feel like vomiting. You can have a banana to prevent the feeling. Banana has potassium and starch that are good for you.


gnger tea nausea

Having ginger tea or ginger candy is a good solution for motion sickness. Ginger can help in preventing nausea. It eases the irritation in the stomach and gives you relief. You can carry a hot water bottle with you, add ginger to it and you can drink it whenever you feel like vomiting. 
water nausea
A lot of people say they feel like vomiting after having water in the car but if you drink water in small sips then this can prevent the feeling of nausea. Don't drink too much water as it can make it all worse for you. You can also drink juice or milk if you feel like.

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Other tips you can keep in mind to prevent motion sickness:
  • See how do you feel better when you are in the car, straight up position or laying back. As per your mode of travel, you can try to change your position so that you feel better. 
  • You need to get some air. If you are not travelling by air, you can open the window of your car or train to get some fresh air. This will help you feel better. When travelling by air, you can turn the air vent towards you.
  • Be it a boat or a car, you should always sit in the direction you are going towards. This will prevent the feeling of nausea.
Keep these foods and tips in mind next time you head for a long journey.