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Smriti Irani: From Tulsi To Textiles Minister, Her Journey Is Inspiring!

Smriti Irani is a self-made woman who wanted to make it big and at the age of 18. Let's celebrate this strong woman's birthday by tracing her journey so far.

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Google Celebrates Lucy Wills' 131st Birth Anniversary, India Still Has Long Fight Against Anaemia

Google is celebrating haematologist Lucy Wills' 131st birth anniversary with a doodle. It shows Wills in a laboratory and also depicts some pieces of bread and a cup of tea on her table.

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Happy Birthday Ritu Beri: The Modern Khadi Ambassador

Fashion designer Ritu Beri has always been known for her creativity, confidence and ability to take risks. She has done so much to promote khadi that the fabric has got a new identity in a way. 

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5 Times Anushka Sharma Proved She Was A Total Badass

Being famous means that you are constantly under the public eye but does it mean that you take everything lying down? Absolutely not! And Anushka Sharma keeps proving it again and again.

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Making Of Raja Harishchandra: When Dadasaheb Phalke Cast A Man As A Woman!

He gave us our first feature film. He sold his wife's jewellery, pledged his life insurance policies and more just to give our Indian cinema a start! And what's more? The legend cast a man as a woman... read on to know who it was and more on his 149th birth anniversary.

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Sudeshna Datta: We Women Are Inborn Leaders

This successful woman entrepreur believes that in India it takes courage for a woman to break the glass ceiling and give a tangible form to her business vision and ideas. Yet, women have challenged the ‘boys’ club’ approach of conducting business in India and abroad.

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The Legendary Zohra Sehgal: The Badass Performer Who Lived Life to The Fullest

She became hugely popular as an actress at an age when most choose to retire into oblivion. That was one of the reasons that made Zohra Sehgal a legend.

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Anjali Tendulkar- The Woman Behind Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar’s Success

It was love at first sight for Sachin Tendulkar who fell for Anjali Mehta. Today, she is the example of how a loving wife can sacrifice her career to stand as a pillar behind her man’s success.

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Women Superheroes Are Out To Save The World, We Should Too

For a long time, the only role models women were supposed to look up to were other women who set good examples of being ideal homemakers. But, now things are changing. Apurva Purohit, President, Jagran Prakashan Ltd, tells us how.

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This Tribal Girl Has Dared To Open A Medical Store In Maoist-Infested Area

Meet Kirta Dorpa, a woman of the Muria tribe of Chhattisgarh, who has dared to open the first ever medical store in a Maoist-influenced region.

lara dutta birthday


Lara Dutta Became Miss Universe With This Epic Answer

Lara Dutta won the title of Miss Universe by giving an epic answer to this question. Do you remember what she said?

the team of agrowave


This Young Entrepreneur Is All Set To Change The Face Of Agricultural Sector In India

From a small village in Rajasthan, Anu Meena has come a long way into becoming the founder of a tech company that's planning to bring new innovations in the agro sector.