Drinking 8-10 glasses of water every day is not only recommended to keep your body hydrated but for other health reasons too. Yes, drinking water has a lot of health benefits. It can also help you lose weight. Water is one of the best drinks you can consume to lose weight quickly. Drinking water helps you clean your body of all waste, boosts your metabolism and keeps you full for longer. If you drink enough water, your body stops retaining water which is one of the most common causes of increased weight. Here is how you can use water to lose weight quickly:

Drink It Before Your Meals

weight loss tips with water

Water makes your stomach feel full for longer and when you consume it just before your meals, you reduce the amount of food that you usually consume. You may overeat or binge on something unhealthy but drinking water doesn't allow you to. This further cuts down the calories you may consume and you will be able to lose weight quickly. Make sure you sip lots of water before eating your meal. 

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Replace Your Drinks With Water

If you often sip on packed juices or colas, stop right there. These packaged drinks are loaded with lots of sugar and are loaded with calories. They add to your weight and also increase your blood sugar. If you want to sip something, always turn to a glass of water. Add some lime to it if you don't like drinking it plain. Lime water is also a great remedy to lose weight quickly. Warm up a glass of water and then squeeze in some lime juice. Drinking this water every day helps you lose weight. 

Drink It Cold 

water for weight loss

As per studies, drinking ice cold water increases your metabolism. A better metabolic rate of your body helps you burn more calories. You start losing your weight quicker! Ice cold water refreshes your senses and makes you feel active for long. You can sip on some cold water before you hit the gym as it boosts your metabolism and you are able to get better results. 

Take It To The Gym 

Never hit the gym without a bottle of water. Water is the best thing you can fill in your body with before going to the gym. Water keeps you hydrated during your gym session and you stay energetic for long. You don't feel weakness or fatigue soon. Drinking water also prevents any cramps and you are able to workout better and longer in the gym. When you sweat heavily, you need to fuel up your body with energy and water is your best friend then! 

Go by the 8 glass rule every day and give your body the much-needed energy to carry on the day. Not only weight loss, when your body is hydrated well, it functions properly and you are able to maintain a healthier life. If you don't like drinking it plain then you can add lime or tea as per your choice to add taste.