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Trying To Lose Weight After 50? This Guide Will Help You

With the right diet and healthy lifestyle changes, losing weight at 50 can be easy.

Food Diary

Benefits Of Cooking Food In Non-Stick Cookware

Here is why you should start cooking your food in non-stick cookware. 

Diet & Nutrition

This Black Pepper And Cloves Detox Water Is Great For Digestion

A better digestive system means a better metabolic rate which further leads to quick weight loss.


Sonakshi Sinha Swears By Aloe Vera, Here Is How You Can Use It For Skin And Hair

Sonakshi Sinha's favourite skincare ingredient is aloe vera, here is how you can make it a part of your beauty routine.

Recipe & Tips

Aloe Vera Sharbat Can Help You Lose Weight, Here Is How You Can Make It

Turn aloe vera into a delicious sharbat with this easy recipe. 

Society & Culture

Throwback: When Shehnaz Gill Revealed Why Does She Not Live With Her Family

Many don't know that Shehnaz Gill doesn't stay with her family anymore. When she was inside the Bigg Boss house, she shared the reason why she doesn't live with her family and why she cut all her ties with them in the past. 

Society & Culture

Daughter's Day 2020: Ways To Make Your Girl Feel Special

Your girl deserves a special celebration on the occasion of daughter's day. Here are some fun ideas. 


Anju Modi's 2020 Collection 'Sindoori' Is Specially Curated For Millennial Brides

The designer's latest collection deserves attention from brides-to-be who like to take the minimal route.

Society & Culture

Bigg Boss 14 Contestant Tina Datta And Her Biggest Controversies

Tina Datta is reportedly a part of Bigg Boss 14 and has already shot for her opening act.

Society & Culture

Nita Ambani's Dinner Menu Includes Simple And Filling Gujarati Dishes

What do Asia's most powerful couple, Nita Ambani and Mukesh Ambani have for dinner? Read on to know.

Recipe & Tips

Tips To Store Pudina Or Mint For That Fresh Flavour

 Mint or pudina is one herb that is widely used in Indian kitchens, however, fresh mint is not available all round the year. Here is how you can store it.


Try Mira Kapoor's Homemade Hair Oil For Thick And Healthy Hair

Try Mira Kapoor's homemade hibiscus hair oil and hair pack recipe at home to get gorgeous hair like her.