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clove tea for health

Diet & Nutrition

Clove Or Laung Tea Helps Keeping Cold And Cough At Bay

Replace your regular tea with clove tea and enjoy its amazing health benefits. Here is how you can prepare it at home. 

Dinner Option

Diet & Nutrition

Here’s Why Soup Is An Ideal Weight-Loss Friendly Dinner Option

Struggling with losing weight? Perhaps you need to make some changes to your dinner habits. Read on know how a cup of soup can be an ideal weight-loss-friendly night meal option. 

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healthy heart nutrients main

Diet & Nutrition

Must-Have Nutrients In Your Diet For A Healthy Heart

Keep your heart healthy by making sure that these foods and nutrients are a part of your diet.

Things Not To Do On Empty Stomach

Diet & Nutrition

To Boost Your Health Stop Doing These Five Things On An Empty Stomach

Our bodies are our temple and there are some things that are harmful to it if done on an empty stomach. For a healthy lifestyle, you should avoid doing these 5 things right away. 

cloves black pepper water

Diet & Nutrition

This Black Pepper And Cloves Detox Water Is Great For Digestion

A better digestive system means a better metabolic rate which further leads to quick weight loss.

grey hair prevention main

Diet & Nutrition

Consume These Foods To Prevent Greying Of Hair

These food items may help you in preventing hair whitening before time or in other words, premature greying of hair.

apple spiced tea main

Diet & Nutrition

Have You Tried Apple Spiced Black Tea? This Concoction Improves Digestion, Manages Diabetes

Invest in a good pack of tasty apple spiced black tea or make it at home for its amazing health benefits.

why eat sweet potatoes

Diet & Nutrition

Want Healthy Skin & Body? Try Shakkarkandi Or Sweet Potato

Sweet potato is packed with amazing benefits not just for the body but for your skin as well. Read on to know more.

besan laddoo benefits main

Diet & Nutrition

Weight Loss To Heart Health, Besan Laddoos Should Be A Part Of Your Diet For These Reasons

Craving sweets? Have besan ke laddoo as they are great for these benefits including weight loss.

t Will Keep You From Vitamin B Deficiency

Diet & Nutrition

Top 10 Foods That Will Keep You From Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Are you experiencing tiredness, fatigue, or weakness? Perhaps you should check your vitamin B12 intake. Read on to know rich sources of this nutrient. 

Haemoglobin Count At Home

Diet & Nutrition

Eat Your Way To Boost Haemoglobin Count At Home

Feeling less enthusiastic and annoyed nowadays? Perhaps your low haemoglobin levels are the reason. Read on to about the foods that can help you through this! 

health benefits of saunf

Diet & Nutrition

Here Are Some Amazing Benefits Saunf Or Fennel To Boost Your Health

Saunf is your best friend when you have congestion, asthma, diabetes, stomach gas and other digestive issues as well. But, did you know that it is amazing for losing weight as well?