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Why Is Having An Early Dinner Good For You?

Read on to find out the various ways you stand to benefit by having an early dinner.

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Diet & Nutrition

Get In Shape, Lose Weight By Adding These Three Foods To Your Everyday Breakfast

Your breakfast plays a key role in helping you stay fit and healthy. Breakfast is your first meal and you can't consume anything unhealthy. If you want to see a visible change in your body then you should add the right foods to your diet. 

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Diet & Nutrition

Diet Chart For Indian Working Women And Housewives

Women may be caretakers of the entire family but they often end up ignoring their own health. To know what the meal timings that you can follow and foods you should have to stay healthy, read on.

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Diet & Nutrition

This Is Why Your Meal Should Have All The Colours Like A Rainbow!

There is a reason why doctors as us to have colourful meals! Find out here.

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How To Get Energy Naturally And Say Goodbye To Stress

If you have been feeling very stressed and lethargic lately then try adding these iron-rich foods to your diet to see a difference.


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Diet & Nutrition

Chickpea: A Secret Ingredient For A Healthy Life

From being pocket-friendly to fighting almost every type of diseases, let’s find out channa's secret benefits.

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Diet & Nutrition

Detox Juices: Give Your Body The Gift Of Health

Are you feeling lethargic lately or have overwhelming feelings of sadness? Is falling sick becoming a regular thing? Then it’s time to detox your body!

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Stay High On Energy All Day In Summers By Sipping On All These Drinks

As the temperatures go up in the summer season, our energy starts to come down. But do you know consuming the right drinks can make us feel really energetic? Read on as we share some amazing energy drinks for summers.

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Diet & Nutrition

This Is Why Alia Bhatt Drinks Only Black Tea!

Alia is a black tea lover for so many reasons that you will be amazed! It is not just good for health but for hair care and skin care as well! 

Expert Talk
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Diet & Nutrition

Rujuta Diwekar Teaches Us How To Identify New Superfoods!

With so many superfoods in the market, celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar tells us how to identify the real from the unreal.

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Diet & Nutrition

Why Is Kaala Namak Or Black Salt Added To Your Summer Drinks? Here Are Its Benefits

One common ingredient that is added to all your summer drinks is black salt or kaala namak. Know why? Read on to know the amazing benefits of black salt.

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Diet & Nutrition

Too Lazy To Exercise? Try Slimming Teas To Start Toning Down

If you feel like giving up on your weight loss journey due to laziness, tiredness or lack of time, give it another try. Start having slimming teas to boost metabolism and give a kick-start to your weight-loss routine.