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healthy food instant noodles

Diet & Nutrition

Ditch Unhealthy Instant Noodles, Gorge On These Healthy Options!

Ditch those unhealthy instant noodles which have so many ingredients completely bad for your health and swap them with amazing snacks which are filling and tasty too!

hair fall miracle remedies main

Diet & Nutrition

These 6 Superfoods Are Best To Avoid Hair Fall Quickly

Is hair fall taking a toll on you? Sit and relax! Include these six superfoods in your daily diet to stop hair fall naturally. After all, healthy body is responsible for healthy hair.

health benefits of sabja seeds

Diet & Nutrition

Wonderful Health Benefits Of Sabja Seeds

You may have eaten them as part of the tasty Falooda Kulfi Dessert but do you know that Falooda Seeds or Sabja Seeds can be beneficial for your entire body? 

turmeric haldi health benefits

Diet & Nutrition

Do You Know Turmeric Can Help You Deal With These Health Problems?

Turmeric or Haldi has some incredible properties. It has antioxidant, anti-viral, antibacterial, anti-fungal properties among many other properties that make it one of the healthiest spices in the world.

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rujuta dinner kids

Diet & Nutrition

Rujuta Diwekar's Wholesome Dinner For Healthy Kids Guidelines Are Here!

What will you eat for dinner is a question that we should never ask our children. Instead, we should tell them what they will be eating for dinner tonight – a steady, simple and nutritious meal. Here are some suggestions by Kareena Kapoor's Nutritionist, Rujuta Diwekar.

brown rice health benefits

Diet & Nutrition

Add Brown Rice To Your Diet To Enjoy Its Numerous Health Benefits

Brown rice is an unrefined and unpolished form of rice and it serves you all the essential nutrients. Read along to know some health benefits of brown rice.

papaya seeds peel benefits

Diet & Nutrition

Papaya Seeds, Peel, Fruit, This Magical Fruit Is Your Answer For All These Ailments!

Papaya is a superhero when it comes to its beneficial properties, be it for health or for beauty. Here are benefits that we feel you could reap.

benefits of gulkand

Diet & Nutrition

Amazing Benefits Of Gulkand: Reducing Hangover, Stress And More

Gulkand paan is a delicacy in India but did you know that the gulkand jam made from the beautiful rose petals can also take away your stress?

fiber rich foods for weight loss

Diet & Nutrition

Lose Weight By Adding These Fiber-Rich Foods To Your Diet

Making changes in your diet can help you lose weight quickly. Add fiber-rich foods to your diet that help you lose weight. Read along to know how these foods are helpful in weight loss. 

camel milk benefits

Diet & Nutrition

This Is Why People Who Consume Camel Milk Are Healthier Than You!

In India, people living n Rajasthan consume a lot of camel milk and they are healthier too so why not give it a try? It sure has a lot of benefits and here is a list of what it can do for you!

best foods empty  stomach

Diet & Nutrition

Top 5 Foods To Eat On An Empty Stomach

When you wake up in the morning, what goes inside your tummy can decide how nice and healthy you feel all throughout the day.

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clean eating sustainable

Diet & Nutrition

How Practical Is Clean Eating? A Question That Bugs Us All!

We should appreciate social media for bringing the world to our screens but use caution and our own intelligence on whether it would suit our constitution, says Dr Mikey Mehta on the concept of clean eating.