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chocolate dark

Diet & Nutrition

4 Dark Chocolates That You Must Try For Good Health!

If you have been asked to have dark chocolates due to health purposes or you simply like them for being less sweet then this list is for you! 

shilpa shetty breakfast for weight loss

Diet & Nutrition

Whole Wheat Bread To Smoothie, Here Is All What Shilpa Shetty Has For Her Breakfast

Shilpa Shetty follows a strict diet plan to maintain her toned body. Here is all what she has for her breakfast.

cranberries health benefits

Diet & Nutrition

These Reasons Will Make You Have Cranberries Everyday!

Cranberries are delicious and amazing for health as they help in improving heart health, prevent infections, support post-menopausal health and more. This makes them an amazing superfood!

drinking water after consuming fruits not good

Diet & Nutrition

Drinking Water After Eating Fruits? Stop Right Now

Has drinking water immediately after fruit consumption become your habit? Stop it right now, here is why.

panner can aid weight loss

Diet & Nutrition

Here’s How Paneer Helps You Lose Weight

Paneer not only helps lose weight but is also a good source of protein and also contains a host of other health benefits.

cheese benefits

Diet & Nutrition

National Cheese Day: Eat Cheese For Good Bone, Dental Health And Other Health Benefits

The good old cheese has many benefits, especially during pregnancy. It is amazing for your bones, teeth, blood pressure and more!

benefits of cows milk

Diet & Nutrition

World Milk Day: Here Is Why You Should Drink A Glass Of Cow Milk Everyday

Cow milk is loaded with protein, vitamins, and minerals which are essential for the overall growth of the body. Read on to know its amazing benefits.

side effect of drinking water after eating cucumber

Diet & Nutrition

Drinking Water Immediately After Eating Cucumber? Stop It Right Now

Even if you are thirsty, avoid drinking water after eating cucumber. Wondering why? Read here to know it.

healthy life superfoods

Diet & Nutrition

5 Superfoods You Must Carry In Your Bag For A Healthier Lifestyle

Keep these superfoods in your handbag at all times and fuel your body with healthy stuff on the go.

khichdi benefits

Diet & Nutrition

Khichdi Is Our Go To Dish In Sickness And In Health! Find Out Why

Khichdi is our dish when we miss home, when we have a cold, or we are feeling too lazy to cook and in so many other situations. This is why!

food that doesnt expire

Diet & Nutrition

Did You Know That Rice, Honey, Sugar Do Not Have An Expiry Date?

Food generally expires but what surprises us is that there are still some of them which never expire! Honey can be stored for 3000 years! 

Relief From Period Cramps

Diet & Nutrition

Believe It Or Not! These Foods Can Actually Help You Fight Menstrual Cramps

Periods bring along a lot of bloating and cramps. Here are some foods that will help you ease out period pain.