how to remove hair dye stain using home remedies


Remove Hair Dye Stains Easily With These Home Remedies

Getting stuck with dye stains that are tell-tale signs you tried to colour your hair can be pretty embarrassing! But some home remedies can come to your rescue.

ethnic jewellery under


Five Accessories Under Rs 500 To Complete Your Ethnic Look

Just pair up these heavy-looking yet light in weight pieces of ethnic jewellery with your favourite outfit and have your red carpet moment in style.

bags in budget


Budget Buys: Upgrade Your Closet With These Trendy Bags

Women have an undying love for bags. After all, bags are one of the most useful accessories in your closet. This season, you can upgrade your closet with these trendy bags that are both stylish and affordable.

summer skin care


Drink These Two Ingredients For That Flawless, Glowing Skin This Summer

Who doesn't wish for glowing, flawless skin? Summers are here and the season brings along a lot of challenges for your skin. This natural remedy will help you get beautiful skin this summer season.

ear piercing main


10 Different Types Of Ear Piercing You Probably Want

Planning to try out the latest ear piercing trends? From snug piercing to conch piercing, here’s your complete guide.

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How You Can Sizzle In ‘Jeans and Kurti’ Attire Like A Diva

Are you sick and tired of wearing kurtis in the same way? Well, let us help you out in breaking the monotony. Let us reveal the right way to pair up your kurti with jeans that's perfect for every occasion.

anti aging main


Natural Remedies And Facial Yogas To Turn Back The Age Clock

Scientist confirmed some ways which can make you look younger. If you want to turn back the aging clock? Ditch the cream and lotion and start following these steps.

wrong clothing main


Wake-Up Call: These 6 Clothing Items Are Ruining Your Health

In order to look glamours and stunning,  we blindly follow the fashion trend. Some clothing may make you feel stylish, sophisticated and sexy, it’s important to pay attention to the various health risks that are associated with a certain type of clothing.

bobbi brown makeup expert


Tips From Celebrity Makeup Artist Bobbi Brown Will Change The Summer Makeup Game For You

The sweltering heat makes it really tough for all of us to manage our makeup routine. Don't worry, well-known American makeup artist, Bobbi Brown was recently in India and in an interview, she shared some amazing tips for the summer season. 

beauty main


Summer Beauty Guide: From Avoiding Makeup To Taking Cold Shower, Here's What You Should Do

Going out in the sun? Are you prepared to face the harsh UV rays?  It is not just tanning we are talking about, strong UV rays can lead to cause cancer, liver spots, wrinkles, and premature aging. From avoiding makeup to taking a cold shower, here's what you can do to protect your skin.

deepika white floral saree ()


Can You Guess The Price Of Deepika's Guldastah Saree By Rohit Bal?

Recently, Deepika was spotted at JW Marriott where she was attending her cousin's wedding with husband Ranveer Singh. She looked ethereal in a gorgeous white saree with floral prints by Rohit Bal. Here is the cost of this saree.

girl with primer over face


Choose The Best Primer For Flawless, Long-Lasting Makeup

Do you want your makeup to look flawless and last for a long time? Then adding a good primer to your makeup kitty is the best decision ever!