sush makeup skin tips


Sushmita Sen Shares The Perfect Day & Night Makeup Tutorial Which Hardly Takes Time!

Here is what Sushmita does for her skin and the makeup tutorial shared by her is something we all can follow.

shefali jariwala beauty secrets


Bigg Boss 13 Contestant Shefali Jariwala's Homemade Sugar Scrub Gives You Glowing Skin, Works For Real

Want a spotless skin like Bigg Boss 13 contestant Shefali Jariwala? Try this DIY sugar scrub she uses to exfoliate her skin. 

how to do aloe vera facial at home


Step By Step Guide: How To Do Aloe Vera Facial At Home

You can do a facial for free at home using aloe vera and some other natural ingredients at home. Here is your guide.

masoor dal face packs m


DIY: Achieve Soft, Younger Looking Skin With These Masoor Dal Face Packs

Lentils, also known as masoor dal, is one humble kitchen ingredient that can do wonders to your skin. If you wish to have soft, supple and nourished skin, here's how you can use this wonder ingredient.

burberry perfume product review m


HZ Tried & Tested: Burberry London Eau De Parfum Detailed Review

Here's a detailed review of Burberry London Eau de Parfum.

skincare organic products


Top Indian Organic Skincare Brands You Can Invest In!

These Indian skincare organic brands are amazing, affordable and are worth it!

hair spa cream homemade


Use These 5 Natural Ingredients To Make Hair Spa Cream At Home

Pamper your hair with a spa session at home. Don't have a hair spa cream? Here is how you can prepare it at home using just 5 ingredients. 

deepika padukone beauty secrets m


Follow These Beauty Tips To Get Healthy & Flawless Skin Like Deepika Padukone

Want healthy, glowing skin like Deepika Padukone? Here's what the actress does to keep her skin soft, supple and glowing.

alia bhatt kurta designs ma


Alia Bhatt Kurtas That Are A Must-Wear This Summer

Alia Bhatt is a bona fide trendsetter when it comes to pulling off breezy cotton kurtas. If you too want to pull it off, here are 5 best looks of Alia Bhatt!

urban botanics


HZ Tried & Tested: Urban Botanics Pure Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil Detailed Review

Sweet almond oil is one staple I have in my vanity as it is multi-purpose. I tried Urban Botanics Pure Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil and here is my review.

Expert Talk
khadi scarves styles


Elevate Your Style Game: Try These Ways To Drape Scarves & Stoles Differently

Summers are here and it’s time to add punch colours to all your looks. Elevate your overall appearance by styling scary different ways.  

routine night time


Follow This Perfect Night-Time Skincare Routine For Combination Skin By Expert

Megha Asher, Founder of Juicy Chemistry, gives us the perfect night time skincare routine for combination skin.