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amritsari fish be your next meal

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Appetiser Recipe: Let Delicious Amritsari Fish Be Your Next Meal

Looking for an appetiser recipe that will blow everyone’s mind and will make you their favourite cook? Try Amritsari fish that is healthy and utterly delicious! 

soya paratha easy recipe

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Treat Your Kids With Tasty And Filling Soya Paratha

These delicious and healthy parathas taste great with just anything! 

lauki parantha main

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Prepare Lauki Ka Paratha Easily With This Recipe

These paranthas have the goodness of bottle gourd and are extremely delicious when had with chilled curd or raita.

sweet potato tikki main

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This Sweet Potato Tikki For Weight Loss Is A Sin You Can Commit, With This Easy Recipe!

If you are craving for a snack but want it to be light as you want to lose weight, a recipe like this using sweet potatoes would be perfect!

maida snacks main

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Four Easy Snacks To Prepare With All-Purpose Flour Or Maida

Maida, also known as the all-purpose flour, is a very versatile ingredient that is used to prepare many tasty dishes. Here are some recipes of preparing tea time snacks with maida.

thai green curry

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Thai Curry: Make The Most Out Of Your Weekend With This Tasty Recipe

This green curry is the beach-y ambiance and freshness of Thailand packed into one delicious serving. Try the recipes for dinner and let us know how it turned out.

recipe of the day

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Taco Samosa: Try This Indian Appetiser With A Twist If You’re Missing Street Food

Tired of eating boring food at home? Prep yourself for some fun and relish an amazing fusion food this upcoming weekend. 

aloevera sherbet

Recipe & Tips

Aloe Vera Sharbat Can Help You Lose Weight, Here Is How You Can Make It

Turn aloe vera into a delicious sharbat with this easy recipe. 

sooji roti main

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Make Sooji Or Rava Roti With Onions For A Wholesome Meal

This is a wholesome and a very easy to make recipe which is a good option for those on a weight loss journey.

mint leave storing

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Tips To Store Pudina Or Mint For That Fresh Flavour

 Mint or pudina is one herb that is widely used in Indian kitchens, however, fresh mint is not available all round the year. Here is how you can store it.

vanilla cake mug

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This Vanilla Mug Cake Gets Ready In No Time

Crave for some dessert at midnight? This gooey vanilla cake can be your saviour.

crispy bhindi

Recipe & Tips

Kurkuri Bhindi: This Delicious Appetiser Is The Ultimate Answer For All Your Cravings

Love munching while working at home? Pick some healthy snacks option like kurkuri bhindi to satisfy your taste buds.