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ranveer brar fig banana recipe main

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Beverage Lover? Try Yummy Figs And Banana Smoothie

Who would say no to smoothie? This creamy beverage is apt for summers. Celebrity chef Ranveer Brar is sharing easy and quick 'Figs and Banana Smoothie' recipe to beat the heat.

soya chunks cutlet recipe

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Making Healthy And Delicious Soya Chunks Cutlet Was Never This Easy!

One great way to enjoy the health benefits of soya is in the form of delicious, hot soya cutlets. Here is an easy recipe that will help you prepare these cutlets easily at home.

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valentines sweet recipes

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Impress Your Partner With These Fancy Dishes This Valentine's Day!

When comes Valentine's Day, we all want to feel special or do something special for our love. How about trying some nice recipes to indulge them and impress them?

dahi paratha recipe main

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Prepare Delicious Dahi Paratha At Home With This Easy Recipe

Try making delicious dahi paratha at home with this easy recipe. Dahi paratha tastes delicious and has some amazing health benefits too. Read on to know about this easy recipe.

romantic dinner recipe ideas

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Valentine’s Day Special: Woo Your Love With An Offbeat Romantic Dinner

Whipping up these delights for a romantic dinner on Valentine's Day is the best way to woo your love or satiate your foodie desires for some self love too.

easy dessert recipes for valentines day

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This Valentine's Treat Yourself With These Delicious Desserts

Valentine's week is just around the corner and this time, don't forget to treat yourself with some sweet love. Prepare these easy dessert recipes and enjoy them on the day of love! 

tea time snacks recipes

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These Indian Snacks Will Perfectly Compliment Your Cup Of Chai

From the pakodas of the north to the crunchy snacks of the south, take your pick from these delicious chai snacks that you can make even as your cup of tea is getting ready?

creative pizza recipes

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Bread Pizza to Cone Pizza: Different Takes On The Popular Italian Food

Just ditch the plain old toppings-over-crust style to do something different and you can have a lip smacking Pizza-inspired dish that will be gobbled up by everyone.

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pankaj b recipe pickle instant

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Love Pickles? Try Making Instant Pickle Using Recipe By MasterChef Pankaj Bhadouria

MasterChef Pankaj Bhadouria has dolled out a recipe which may not be able to replace that 'ghar ka achaar' but it sure can quench that craving. Read on.

caramel fruits coconut milk main

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Shilpa Shetty: Treat Your Kids With Caramel Fruits In Coconut Cream

Is your kid eating too much of junk food? Celeb mom Shilpa Shetty is giving useful tips to make caramel fruits in coconut milk at home. Find out the recipe inside...

nutella day recipes

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Celebrate Nutella Day With These Interesting And Easy Recipes

It is World Nutella Day today and you don't want to celebrate it without relishing some nutella. Here are some easy and interesting Nutella recipes that you will absolutely love!

chocolate dipped strawberries main

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Prepare Delicious Chocolate Strawberries At Home With This Easy Recipe

Who doesn’t love chocolates and strawberries? Both are absolutely delicious. How about combining the too? The freshness of strawberries and taste of chocolate, there can never be a better combination. Here is the recipe you need!