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Food Diary

Enjoy A Healthy Platter In This Winter Chill With Chef-Recommended Foods

Here are a few dishes recommended by the Chef, that will warm you up in the winter chill.

deepika comfort food main

Food Diary

Deepika Padukone Reveals Her Desi Comfort Food & Here Are Its Benefits

Here is what Deepika Padukone has as comfort food and its health benefits will make you fall in love with it as well.


Food Diary

Simple Dishes To Prepare Without Heat When You Run Out Of LPG

For all those times when you run out of LPG, you need not order unhealthy foods. Read on to know some no-cook recipes! 

cast iron foods to not cook

Food Diary

You Should Never Cook These Foods In An Iron Kadhai Or Pan

Avoid cooking these foods in cast iron vessel or pan to prevent your food from getting spoiled.

winter wedding snacks main

Food Diary

Snacks Options For A Winter Wedding Menu You Must Consider

These offbeat, different appetizers, drinks will be a hit in your menu amid a winter wedding for sure!

easy kitchen hacks m

Food Diary

Check Out These Easy Kitchen Hacks To Make Your Work Go Super Smooth

Take a look at these hacks that can ease out your tedious kitchen work instantly.

World’s Craziest Fusion Foods

Food Diary

From Dal Makhani Pasta To Chai Flavoured Ice Cream, These Are World’s Craziest Fusion Foods

Love learning about different foods? We bring you some really weird fusion foods that will leave you scratching your head! 

Food Like Vikas Khanna With These Simple Tips

Food Diary

Plate Your Food Like Vikas Khanna With These Simple Tips

Love garnishing your dishes like an expert? Take cues from chef Vikash Khanna to excel the art of food decoration! 

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Here Are Some Top Class Vegetarian Recipes From Different Cuisines Of The World

Take a look at these amazingly scrumptious recipes from French, Korean and Turkish cuisines.

Chutney For A Long Time

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Steps To Help You Preserve Chutney For A Long Time

Do you want your chutney to last for a longer duration? Try these simple steps to preserve the chutney better! 

curry leaves storage tips

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This Guide Will Help You Store Curry Leaves Or Kadi Patta For Longer

Here are 7 easy tips which will help you increase the shelf life of curry leaves. 

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Take A Look Back At The Top Food Trends Of 2020

2020 was a year full of viral foods and that is why we thought of taking through a recap of those obsessing foods.