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best places for romantic dinner in goa

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Valentine’s Day Special: Best Places For Romantic Dinner In Goa

So if you have plans to spend a special day with your beloved, these are the best places for a romantic dinner in Goa that you can add to your travel list.

kolkata sweets anushka

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Anushka Is A Fan Of These Bengali Mithais. What About You?

Who doesn't love sweets, especially when they are Bengali? Just like you and me, Anushka Sharma has a few favourites. Here is a list of some.

vegetarian food indonesia

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Vegetarians Going To Indonesia? The Country Has Something For Everyone!

Let's bust that myth that Asian countries don't have vegetarian food. Here is a list of the yummy vegetarian dishes that Indonesia has to offer!

tips for brides to be to maintain flat belly

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Bride-To-Be? Avoid Eating These Foods Before Your Wedding Day

If you are getting married anytime soon then here are some tips that will help you maintain that flat and toned tummy that you have achieved after putting in so many efforts. 

sri lanka cuisine

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If You Are Headed To Sri Lanka Then Do Try These Dishes!

This destination is not just super affordable, it is also home to some delectable cuisine. Let's take a look at what all you can treat your taste buds to, over here.

rainbow tea

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Get To Know The Magical Seven Layer Tea

Originating in rural Bangladesh, the Seven Layer Tea or Seven Colour Tea, also called the Rainbow Tea or Saat Rong Cha is a delight to see and drink.

tandoori chai places

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Love Tea? Treat Yourself To Some Tandoori Chai At These Places

Have you tried tandoori chai yet? Well here are some places which offer this amazing tea and we want you to try it out! 

dubai cuisine

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Dubai Food at DSF 2019 : Yummy, Exotic, Experimental, Try Them All

If you love food and are a bonafide foodie then you must try these items when in Dubai. They are easily available and are something different your taste buds would thank us for!

alia and her keto love

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Bollywood Celeb Diets: Know All About Alia Bhatt’s Keto Love

That Alia Bhatt is a fitness freak is a fact that everyone knows. But do you know how much she is in love with her keto diet?

bollywood celebs foods

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From Deepika Dosa To Kareena Pizza - Bollywood Celebs With Foods Named After Them

Deepika Padukone just had a dosa named after her! Let's have a look at other Bolly town celebs who have had interesting dishes named after them.

crazy places to eat

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Top 5 Crazy Themed Restaurants in India That You Have To Visit

Bored of eating at the usual places? Then head to these restaurants with crazy themes that will blow away your mind

east delhi chaat places

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Five Chaat Places in East Delhi You Must Try

Here is a look at the best places to have lip-smacking chaat in East Delhi.