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jama masjid eid special

Food Diary

Dawat-E-Eid: Jama Masjid Festive Food Trail

Old Delhi, specifically Jama Masjid area is where you have to go to quench those cravings for 'lazeez' Biryani, kebabs and sherbat!

shimla food story

Food Diary

Heading To Shimla? Do Visit These Cafes, Restaurants For Great View, Food!

If you are heading to Shimla then these cafes and restaurants are your best bet for good food and peaceful view!

jalebi history

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Your Favourite Jalebi Is Not An Indian Sweet!

Jalebi is a phenomenon which is world famous like gulab jamuns but did you know that it is not Indian! Scroll down for a bonus recipe as well!

narendra modi oath taking ceremony rashtrapati bhavan

Food Diary

From Rajbhog To Dal Raisina, Here Is All That Guests Will Be Served During High Tea, Banquet At Modi's Swearing-In Ceremony

Today, at Narendra Modi's swearing-in ceremony, guests will be served lavish snacks and dinner. Read on for details.

drinks to buy summer

Food Diary

Buy These Summer Drink Mixes To Beat The Heat ASAP!

In this scorching heat, we need to have some coolers to beat the heat. How about buying some pre-mixes to save all that labour of making it all from scratch?

best places to eat at Noida Brahmaputra Market

Food Diary

Eat Out: Best Foods To Try At Noida’s Brahmaputra Market

The famous Brahmaputra Market in Noida is not just a favourite of people who love to shop but it’s a foodie’s paradise as well. Discover what all you can relish here.


food italian indian cuisine

Food Diary

Did You Know Indian Cuisine Has Been Ranked Among Top 10 In The World?

On the world map, our Indian cuisine is among the top 10 while Italian food is a clear winner. Checkout this survey Now!

alia and her keto love

Food Diary

Bollywood Celeb Diets: Know All About Birthday Girl Alia Bhatt’s Keto Love

That Alia Bhatt is a fitness freak is a fact that everyone knows. But do you know how much she is in love with her keto diet?

restuarants owned indians

Food Diary

Fan Of These Celebs And Love Food? Check Out These Restaurants, Cafes And Clubs!

These swanky restaurants are not just owned by these amazing celebs, they also serve good food and desserts!

,ust try street food kolkata

Food Diary

Have You Tried The Street Food Of Kolkata? You Will Fall In Love We Promise

If you love street food then you have to try what The City Of Joy: Kolkata has to offer. From phuchkas to jalebi's cousin to ghughni to keema dahi bada, there is something for all. 

binge ritual of shilpa shetty

Food Diary

Shilpa Shetty’s Mouth-Watering Food Binge With Manish Malhotra

Even as we keep trying to be fit as Shilpa Shetty by following her fitness ideas on social media, the actor gives us one more reason every week to indulge in what we love eating.

best places for romantic dinner in goa

Food Diary

Best Places For Romantic Dinner In Goa

So if you have plans to spend a special day with your beloved, these are the best places for a romantic dinner in Goa that you can add to your travel list.