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Remedies To Remove Stains

Food Diary

White China Turned Yellow? Try These Home Remedies To Remove Stains

Are your favourite set of chinaware ruined due to food residue and grease? Try these simple home remedies to get rid of stains. 

rotting vege fruits uses main

Food Diary

Use Close To Rotting Vegetables & Fruits In These Different Ways

Do not throw away the over ripe vegetables and fruits which you think are about to start rotting. Use them in these different ways.

non stick cooking tips benefits

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Benefits Of Cooking Food In Non-Stick Cookware

Here is why you should start cooking your food in non-stick cookware. 

Flawlessly Each Time

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Love Eggs? Here’s How You Can Cook Them Flawlessly Each Time

Are eggs one of your favourite food items? Read on to know how you can prepare common egg dishes perfectly each and every time. 

Noteworthy Refrigerator Hacks

Food Diary

These Noteworthy Refrigerator Hacks Will Make Your Life Easy

Are you tired of not having space in your refrigerator? Not anymore! Check out these easy hacks to use your refrigerator to the best of its capacity! 

island cake main

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COVID-19 Food Trend: Different Versions Of Island Cake Are All Over Instagram! Have You Tried It Yet?

This is the latest and biggest food trend of 2020 and we are definitely digging it! Have you tried baking this island cake yet?

Noodles From Sticking

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Learn The Correct Way Of Boiling Your Pasta & Noodles To Keep Them From Sticking

Love cooking pasta and noodles but tired of them sticking together? Learn how to correctly boil them to keep this from happening! 

butter cooking tips

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These Butter Hacks Will Make Your Cooking A Lot More Easier

If you use butter in your food preparation regularly then these tips and hack will make your work super easy.

indian cooking tips main

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Make Your Indian Cooking Perfect With These Cool Tips & Hacks

Use these Indian cooking tips to prepare your dishes faster and save your own time and labour. 

Make Your Cooking Task Easier

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5 Kitchen Tools That Will Make Your Cooking Task Easier

Looking to upgrade your kitchen tools? Here are some of the great options that will make your cooking task easier. 

To Stop Believing

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Non-Stick Cookware: 5 Common Myths You Need to Stop Believing About Them

Having doubts about investing in non-stick cookware? Read to clear those false notions about these amazing utensils. 

Frozen Food Know The Right Way Of Thawing Deep Freeze

Food Diary

Frozen Food: Know The Right Way Of Thawing Deep Freeze Supplies

Do you rely heavily on frozen foods? If yes, it is vital to know the right way to defrost them. Read on to know five different ways of thawing foods.