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Wish Your 'Bandhu' A Happy Friendship Day 2021 With These Whatsapp, Facebook Messages

Make your friends feel super special this friendship day 2021 by using the best and the most captivating messages, poems or quotes give below.

controversial b town statements main

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7 Most Controversial Statements By B-Town Celebs

Moments when some of the top Bollywood celebs stirred controversies with their statements.

friendship day gift ideas for friends

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Friendship Day Gift Ideas: 6 Ways To Make Your BFF Feel Special

We have got you covered with some gifting ideas for your confidant.

unrelistic expectations relationship Main

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5 Unrealistic Expectations That You Shouldn't Have In A Relationship

Here are some unrealistic expectations in a relationship that you should avoid to live happily with your partner.

room colour mood main

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This Is How The Colour Of A Room Can Affect Your Mood

Colours are associated with your mood. So, here are some colours that are perfect for your house that will uplift your mood.


fruit fly trap Main

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Tips And Tricks To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies Fast

If you have a lot of fruit flies in your kitchen area, this is what you can do to get rid of them!

inappropriate gestures m

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Some Gestures That People From These Places Might Not Be Okay With

Check out these gestures that might be okay for us but nit for people around some other countrie.

bed skirt designs to try

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5 Bed Skirt Designs That You Must Invest In

Do you want to subtly accentuate your bedroom without spending much money? Here are some bed skirt designs you must try in that case.

toilet cleaner diy m

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Make An Effective Toilet Cleaner At Home To Be Safe From Germs In The Bathroom

Do you doubt the fact that your bathroom is clean even after using the chemical-filled products? If yes then try making a toilet cleaner at home.

tips to clean bathroom tiles

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How To Clean Bathroom Tiles

Cleaning those dirty bathroom tiles might look tricky but these easy tips will help.

indian kitchen storing tips main

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Some Smart Storage Ideas For Indian Kitchens

Indian kitchens can have a lot of stuff as the food is highly complex. So, here are some practical storage tips for Indian kitchens.