benefits of tongue scraping m


Oral Hygiene: Reasons Why You Should Scrape Your Tongue Daily

So, you have brushed your done but didn't bother to clean your tongue? Here's why you should start doing it regularly!

how to stop sugar cravings


What Is Sugar Rush And How To Control It?

Do you ever start feeling an instant boost of energy after eating something sweet? This might be because of a sugar rush. Read on and find more about it.

gulmohar benefits main


Add Some Gulmohar Trees To Your Garden For Amazing Health Benefits

One of the most beautiful trees is gulmohar tree and it also has some great health benefits. 

gut health ayurveda main


Try These Ayurvedic Home Remedies, Tips For Good Gut Health By Expert

Keep your gut clean and healthy with these Ayurvedic expert-approved remedies, at home.

rujuta diwekar ealthy bhajiyas Main


Rujuta Diwekar Shares 5 Tips To Make Healthy Bhajiya Or Pakoras

Eating bhajiyas can often take you on a guilt trip. So, Rujuta Diwekar shares some tips to make bhajiyas or pakoras healthy.

vitamin b benefits


Vitamin B1: Know All About Its Roles, Benefits, Sources And Deficiency

Take a look at the complete overview of the benefits, roles, sources and deficiency diseases of Vitamin B1.

cucumber water for weight loss m


Weight Loss Tips: Drink Cucumber Water Daily To Burn Belly Fat

Struggling to melt that stubborn belly fat? Start drinking cucumber water right now!

make coffee healthier main


Here Are Some Simple Ways To Make Your Cup Of Coffee A Bit Healthier

Coffee can be healthy but excess of it can be harmful. So, here are some ways to make coffee a bit healthier.


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breast feeding vs pump main


World Breastfeeding Week 2021: Breastfeeding Vs Breast Pumping: Expert Explains Pros & Cons

Confused between breastfeeding your baby or using a breast pump? Here are some pros and cons of both approved and shared by expert.

eyesight main


Sick Of Wearing Specs? Improve Your Eyesight With Eye Exercises

If having weak eyesight has been bothering you for long, this exercise regimen can help improve your vision.

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kaviraj benefits soya main


Chef Kaviraj Khialani Shares Some Amazing Benefits Of Soya Chunks

Vegetarian's meat, soya chunks have a high nutritional value. Read on to know some of the benefits shared by Chef Kaviraj Khialani.

natural remedies to cure bruises main


Try These Natural Home Remedies To Cure Painful Bruises And Similar Injuries

Bruises and similar injuries are quite common for kids and clutz adults. Read some home remedies for bruises!