health benefits methi water


How To Make Methi Water And What Are The Benefits Of Drinking It Everyday

Consuming fenugreek seeds or methi is great for your overall health. Having a glass of methi water in the morning has some amazing health benefits.

upma for health


Why You Should Start Having Upma For Breakfast Everyday?

Upma is a popular South Indian breakfast recipe. Do you know it has some amazing health benefits? Read on to know.

deepika ocd


Do You Also Have Organising Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Like Deepika Padukone? Find Out

Deepika Padukone has talked about her obsession with organising things several times. Check out of you have any signs of the same OCD. 



From Improving Heart Health To Reliving Stress, Here Are Amazing Benefits Of Taking Hot Shower Regularly

Experts have revealed some amazing health benefits of taking a hot shower on a regular basis. Read to know more.

health benefits masala tea


Keep Cancer, Diabetes, At Bay By Having A Hot Cup Of Masala Tea

Not only a cup of masala tea reliving, but it has several other amazing health benefits too. Read on to know more! 

ram kapoor diet plan for weight loss main


Take Cues From Ram Kapoor And Get Fit By Shedding Extra Kilos

Ram Kapoor, who is all set to entertain us with his show Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat, has inspired us with his body transformation. The actor who early weigh 130 kg lost around 25-30 kgs, leaving us all speechless.  

guidelines corona breast feeding


World Health Organisation: Women With Covid-19 Can Breastfeed Keeping These Points In Mind!

These are the rules breastfeeding mothers effected by COVID-19 have to follow as per World Health Organisation.

hantavirus infection


Hantavirus Kills Man In China, Here’s Everything You Need To Know About This Disease

A death from a virus called, Hantavirus in China has spread fear and panic among people. Here’s everything you need to know about this infection. 

ginger for diabetics m


Is Ginger Really Beneficial For Diabetic Patients? Find Out

Ginger is a healthy herb that many diabetics shy away from because of its presumed effect on blood sugar. But is it something that you need to stay away from? Let's find out!

taapsee pannu


Take Cues From Taapsee Pannu In Cleansing Body Through Chakra Healing Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Amid coronavirus outbreak, everyone including celebrities like Taapsee Pannu is practicing social distancing. Here’s what the actress is doing to cleanse her body!  

work fromhome


Here’s Why Working In Bed Is Bad While Working From Home During Coronavirus Outbreak

Sitting in front of our laptops while sitting on the bed can hamper one’s health and productivity. From back pain to mental wellness there are many repercussions associated with working from home in bed. 

dental wellnes


Discoloured To Crooked, Toothpastes That Are Best For Your Oral Hygiene

Often people neglect their dental hygiene and end up with several oral problems. Choose the right toothpaste for your teeth for dental wellness.