obesity among children a problem


Mothers, Here Are 6 Ways You Can Fight Childhood Obesity

A sedentary lifestyle, coupled with space crunch and a dearth of space for physical activities are pushing youngsters towards an unhealthy lifestyle.

papaya benefits


Did You Know Papaya Regulates Menstruation, Prevents Arthritis?

The benefits of papaya are mind-boggling as they range from helping your heart to regulating your periods to reducing your acne! Add it to your diet today!

eucalyptus oil


Improve Asthma, Relieve Cough, Get Rid Of Headaches With Eucalyptus Oil!

Relieve cough, deal with asthma, get rid of headaches using eucalyptus oil which is easily available at your chemist's shop. These benefits are mind-boggling we assure!

first period story main


My First Period: Women Share Stories Of Their Menarche

Mensuration or periods are shrouded with taboos and myths. There is a sense of fear, shame, embarrassment, and even guilt when a girl gets her first period. Watch as women share their first period stories and how that experience changed the way they look at periods.

kareena kapoor reveals her food habits


Kareena Kapoor Reveals Her Healthy Lifestyle, Says Cannot Live Without Rice And Khichdi

Ladies, aspiring to look fit and fab as Kareena Kapoor Khan? Read what the actress eats for her stunning look and how she maintains her lifestyle.

Expert Talk
depression helped by food


Feeling Depressed? Make Sure You Gorge On Healthy Food, Do Some Physical Activities And More

Rashi Ahuja, Senior Psychologist at IWill therapy app by ePsyClinic believes that most of us may relate to eating particular kinds of food when we are upset or stressed, but there are many other factors that impact depression positively or negatively.

potato juice health benefits main


Here's Why You Should Start Adding Potato Juice In Your Diet Right Now

For those who believe in natural remedies for every disease, potato juice comes as a boon. Some of you might think the potato is nothing but a ‘fattening’ vegetable.  From lowering cholesterol to curing constipation, and helping in weight loss to treating migraines, here’s why potato juice needs a permanent space in your diet regime.

right food to eat to remain fit


Weight Loss Tips: Ladies Know The Right Time To Have Lunch To Shed Those Extra Kilos

According to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, having lunch after 3 pm can severely slow down the weight loss process.

whiskey benefits forhealth


World Whisky Day 2019: Ladies, Here’s Why You Should Definitely Have A Tipple

Consuming whisky in the right dosage may have a positive effect on one’s health life, be it man, or woman.

sesame seeds health benefits main


7 Reasons Why Sesame Seeds Are Beneficial For Your Health

Remember when your daadi forced you to eat 'til ke laddoo'? From treating diabetes to improving eye health, sesame seeds can help you get rid of several diseases. Read along and find out its benefits.

heartbeat main


World Hypertension Day 2019: Follow These Steps to Bid Adieu To Hypertension

World Hypertension Day 2019 theme Know your numbers focuses on making sure people check their blood pressure regularly and know their numbers in order to take necessary action on time.

dengue pregnancy


Dengue During Pregnancy : All You Need To Know From Dr. Rommel Tickoo

Watch what Dr. Rommel Tickoo from Max Super Speciality Hospital has to say on what dengue during pregnancy can mean.