benefits of alum or fitkari m


From Skin To Hair, Alum Is The Solution For All Your Problems

You don’t need different solutions for your hair and skin problems. Alum is the one-stop solution for all your woes.

dont eat to lose weight


Want To Lose Weight? Then Quit Eating These Foods Immediately!

If you want to lose weight then you have quit eating these food items!

drink more water


These Tricks Will Help You Drink More Water Through The Day

Can't drink plain water? Feel dehydrated? These tricks will help you drink more water in a day.

mosquito repellent natural


World Mosquito Day: Get Rid Of Mosquitoes At Home Using These Natural Remedies

Get rid of mosqitoes using natural ways like camphor, certain plants, kitchen ingredients and more. Get reading and write down what you need for a peaceful sleep at night.

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healthy foods list


Ajwain, Honey And More; These 5 Things Will Help You Stay Healthy

These 5 foods will help you stay healthy and keep all your health problems at bay.

weight loss ayurvedic lifestyle


Follow This Ayurvedic Lifestyle If You Want To Lose Weight Quickly

This ayurvedic lifestyle can help you shed those extra kilos really quickly.

curd dangerous food combo


Health Alert! Never Have These Foods With Your Bowl Of Dahi

Stop having these foods with curd or it can harm your health seriously.

putting almond oil in nose


Home Remedy: Just Put 2 Drops of Almond Oil In Your Nose And See These 7 Magical Benefits

The benefits of almonds are innumerable. It is considered to be a storehouse of goodness. Read here to check its goodness.

diy meditation


Create Your Own Meditation Corner With These Tips!

Attain that peace and calm in your life with meditation. These tips will help you out in creating that special corner at your home!

kesan saffron water


Here Is Why You Should Start Drinking Saffron Water Everyday

Saffron is rich in manganese and great for your skin and overall health. Drinking saffron water can help you deal with a lot of your everyday problems. Read along to know.

garlic for health


This Is What Happens When You Consume Raw Garlic And Water Every Morning

Garlic is great for your overall health. Eating raw garlic with water every morning has some amazing health benefits. Read on to know why you should make it a regular practice. 

what not to heat in microwave


From Pizza To Eggs, Here Are Foods That You Should Not Heat In The Microwave

Microwaves have made our lives so easy. Without any hassle, we can cook and reheat our food within seconds. But do you know heating some foods in the microwave can be really dangerous? Read on.