neck pain


Here’s Why Women Suffer More Neck Pain Than Men?

While neck pain is common due to lifestyle patterns and daily habits, women likely suffer more from this severe issue. 

mental health wellnes


Mental Health: Debunking The Myths About Therapy That Are Misleading

Mental health and its therapy are surrounded by many stigmas that keep people from seeking professional help. Here we are debunking a few of them. 

dragon fruit health benefits m

Diet & Nutrition

7 Health Benefits Of Dragon Fruit That’ll Make You Add It In Your Diet ASAP!

Right from controlling your cholesterol to fighting diabetes, Dragon fruit can work wonders for your health. Scroll on!

cumin ginger tea for weight loss m

Diet & Nutrition

Trying To Lose Weight But Can’t? Start Drinking Jeera-Ginger Tea Daily

If you are trying to shed a few extra kilos that you have gained, start replacing your morning tea with jeera-ginger detox tea. 

soaked dates

Diet & Nutrition

Have Dates Soaked In Milk Everyday To Cure Cough, Constipation, Insomnia

Want to cure cough and constipation? Then this mixture could be your next love.

weight loss diet plan m

Diet & Nutrition

#21DaysChallenge: Follow This 3 Weeks Diet Plan To Shed Unwanted Kilos!

Trying to lose weight but can't? Try this 21 days diet plan and see the difference yourself! 

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Trying To Shed Kilos? Take Help From Garlic And Honey In Losing Weight

While people invest oodles of money taking professional help and joining the gym to lose weight, this simple two-ingredient drink can help you shed kilos. Here’s how! 


chapatti indian bread health benefits m


8 Reasons Why You Should Binge On Chapattis

From aiding weight loss to keeping heart health at check, chapattis have some amazing health benefits that you may not know of. Read on!

oats for health benefits


How To Make Oat Milk At Home And What Are The Benefits Of Drinking It Everyday

Oat milk can be prepared at home easily using just 2 ingredients. Drinking oat milk has some amazing benefits for your overall health. Read on to know. 

ginger adrak water


Here's Why You Should Start Drinking Ginger Water Everyday

Ginger water or adrak ka paani has some amazing benefits for your overall health. Here is why you should start drinking it everyday.

amla juice to boost immunity m

Diet & Nutrition

Drink This Amla-Ginger Juice Daily To Boost Up Your Immune System

If you want to boost your immune system, start drinking this magical concoction daily on an empty stomach. 

habits for healthy living


#21DayChallenge: Follow 21 Day Rule, Adopt These Healthy Habits For A Healthy Living

Utilise this time to build healthy habits for a healthy living. Here are 21 habits that can change your life for good.