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International Men's Health Week 2019: Here's How Your Man Can Get That Perfect Body

From the dapper Milind Soman to the sexy Tiger Shroff, ask your men to follow these celebrity fitness routines for that perfect hot bod.

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Lychee Toxins Killed 50 Children; Here’s Why You Should Stay Away From It Too

In a shocking incident, around 50 children died in Bihar due to lychee toxins. From causing brain diseases to weight gain, here's why you should steer away from it!

Expert Talk
yoga anger


Yoga Is Your Answer For Anger Management, Says Expert!

Have anger management issues? Yoga is your answer says Dr. Manoj Kutteri, Wellness Director at Atmantan Wellness Centre.

world blood donor day


World Blood Donor Day: These Myths Will Clarify Your Fear Of Donating Blood!

It is said that donating blood is a 'punya ka kaam' but many misunderstandings make us step back. Here we have busted a few myths that might change your mind!

soaked almond benefits


Soaked Almonds Are Great For Your Health! Start Adding Them To Your Diet Now

Soaked almonds have some great health benefits. You should consume them everyday.

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Do You Know How Many Calories Your Summer Beverages Contain?

Shikanji, Bael sharbat, Aam panna are perfect drinks to quench your thirst in summers. But do you know how many calories these drinks contain? Read on and find out.

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Birthday Special: Disha Patani Is A Fitness Freak, Her Diet Is Superb! Find Out How!

Birthday girl is particular about her diet, loves square dancing, is a fitness freak like Katrina and we are not joking! Scroll down to know more.

chocolate dark

Diet & Nutrition

4 Dark Chocolates That You Must Try For Good Health!

If you have been asked to have dark chocolates due to health purposes or you simply like them for being less sweet then this list is for you! 

shilpa shetty breakfast for weight loss

Diet & Nutrition

Whole Wheat Bread To Smoothie, Here Is All What Shilpa Shetty Has For Her Breakfast

Shilpa Shetty follows a strict diet plan to maintain her toned body. Here is all what she has for her breakfast.

prevent yourself from heat stroke during summers


7 Incredible Tips To Protect Yourself From Heat Stroke This Summer

Fever, fatigue, headache, thirstiness, nausea are the tell-tale signs of heat stroke.

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Home Remedy: Just Put 2 Drops of Almond Oil In Your Nose And See These 7 Magical Benefits

The benefits of almonds are innumerable. It is considered to be a storehouse of goodness. Read here to check its goodness.

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Get MRI Service For As Low As Rs 50 Soon At Delhi’s Bangla Sahib Gurudwara!

Delhi’s Bangla Sahib Gurudwara will soon make MRI and CT scan facility available for as low as Rs 20 to Rs 50.