best pregnancy advice by chhavi mittal


Chhavi Hussein’s Pregnancy Gyaan Is What All Moms-To-Be Need

Here are a few gems of advice that actor Chhavi Mittal has been doling out on her Instagram page which are perfect for modern moms-to-be.

sushmita stretch exercise women main


Sushmita Sen Is Showing Why Stretching Is Important For Women

Is exercise always hard and tough? Not necessarily. Even stretching your body for some time in an entire day is also beneficial. Fitness enthusiast Sushmita Sen is showing us how...

healthy heart management


Top 5 Ways To Keep Your Heart Healthy

These are the top five management practices that will make your heart say thank you!

rujuta diwekar yoga health tips main


Rujuta Diwekar: Get Fit, Slim And Healthy With Yoga

Is yoga useful? Yes, very much. Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar has been acknowledging the health benefits of doing yoga in our busy lives.

saffron water benefits


Drinking Saffron Water Everyday Will Change Your Life For Good!

Saffron is rich in manganese and great for your skin and overall health. Drinking saffron water can help you deal with a lot of your everyday problems. Read along to know.

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seeds health benefits side effects main


Think Before You Eat. These Seeds Are Good, Bad And Deadly

We all know the surprising health benefits of consuming seeds. However, some seeds are dangerous for your health. What are these dangerous seeds? Let's find out.

DIY weight loss drinks


These Fat Cutting Homemade Drinks Will Help You Shed Those Extra Kilos Quickly!

Are you someone who is constantly looking for weight loss tips that actually work? These DIY fat burning drinks will help you shed those extra kilos quickly. Read on.

healthy food instant noodles

Diet & Nutrition

Ditch Unhealthy Instant Noodles, Gorge On These Healthy Options!

Ditch those unhealthy instant noodles which have so many ingredients completely bad for your health and swap them with amazing snacks which are filling and tasty too!

information on abortion


Sexual Health Awareness: All About Abortion – Facts, Precautions And More

On Sexual and Reproductive Health Awareness Day, we are talking about Abortion, the one topic that sparks debate and yet how important it is for a woman’s health.


hair fall miracle remedies main

Diet & Nutrition

These 6 Superfoods Are Best To Avoid Hair Fall Quickly

Is hair fall taking a toll on you? Sit and relax! Include these six superfoods in your daily diet to stop hair fall naturally. After all, healthy body is responsible for healthy hair.

everyday unhealthy kitchen habits


STOP! These Everyday Kitchen Habits Are Putting Your Health At Risk

A lot of your everyday kitchen habits put your health at risk. You may not know but things like packing food in plastic containers or heating food in the microwave, these things can be really harmful for you. 

Expert Talk


Yasmin Karachiwala Busts Myths Around Women’s Fitness

Celebrity fitness trainer Yasmin Karachiwala exclusively talked to Her Zindagi and busted the myths surrounding fitness.