Themed Eye Makeup


10 Christmas-Themed Eye Makeup To Up Your Fashion Game This Holiday Season

Wondering how will you adorn your eyes for Christmas eve? Try some of these beautiful makeup looks! 

hair mask malai main


DIY Malai Hair Masks To Combat Dandruff, Frizzy, Dry Hair

These hair masks using fresh malai or cream may prove to be a boon for your dull, frizzy hair especially in the winter season.

oil onon natural


This Homemade Onion Oil Helps In Growing Hair Quickly

Onions can treat a lot of your hair problems and easy way of using them is by applying onion oil. Here is how you can make it at home.

young looking skin face serum


Get Glowing, Youthful Skin At Home Using This DIY Face Serum

Prepare this glow serum at home using just 3 ingredients. Scroll down for a quick recipe.

thinning m


Here Are Some Of Your Habits That Lead To Hair Thinning

Take a look at some of our daily habits that lead to hair thinning and hair loss and try to refrain from them.

hair care during winters


Try This Homemade Hair Pack To Treat Frizzy, Dry Hair During Winters

Dryness and frizziness are two common hair problems we all face during the winter season. This homemade hair pack is a natural and effective way to treat the issue.

beet m


See How Beetroot Mask Can Work Wonders For Your Skin And Hair

Say hello to naturally healthy skin and hair with a homemade beetroot mask. Here's how to make it.

makeup brands


List Of Bollywood Divas Who Have Their Cosmetic Brands

After clothing brands, Bollywood celebrities are now launching their own cosmetic brands. Check out the actresses who have skincare and makeup lines. 



Easy Tips To Help You Make Your Nose Slimmer

While going under the knife can turn out to be an expensive affair to reshape your nose, meanwhile try these easy and inexpensive hacks!



Black Cardamom Can Help You Score Flawless Skin And More

If you are looking for natural solutions for your skin problems, then black cardamom might be able to help you. 

reat Wax Burns ASAP


Simple Home Remedies To Treat Wax Burns ASAP

Have your experienced wax burn on the skin? Here are simple home remedies to deal with it! 

orange m


Some Remarkable Beauty Benefits Of Using Orange Face Masks

Orange face masks can rejuvenate your skin by making it healthy and well-nourished. Check out some other benefits it offers.