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Monsoon Hair Care: Get Healthy Mane With This Simple DIY Hair Oil Recipe

If you are dealing with frizzy hair, split ends, and dry scalp in monsoons, then this DIY hair oil by Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar can be helpful to you.

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This Puppy Eyeliner Makeup Look Tutorial Will Keep You Updated With The Latest Beauty Trend

Catch up with the latest Korean eye makeup beauty trend with this tutorial. 

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What Is Retinol? Uses To Side Effects, All You Need To Know

Here is a low down on the skincare ingredient Retinol. From uses to side effects, all you need to know. 

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From Healing Scars To Moisturising Skin, Know The Amazing Benefits Of Mogra For Skin

Jasmine flowers are famous for their sweet scent but you should also know the amazing benefits of mogra for skin.

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Malai Hair Masks DIY To Combat Dandruff, Frizzy, Dry Hair

These hair masks using fresh malai or cream may prove to be a boon for your dull, frizzy hair, especially during the summer season.

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4 DIY Hair Rinses For Soft And Smooth Hair

Hair rinses are helpful for people suffering from unhealthy hair. They are concentrated with natural ingredients that boost the hair health. Take a look.

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Make Your Own Effective Anti-Ageing Eye Cream With These Recipes

Worried about your wrinkles or anti-ageing lines on your eyes? Apply an eye cream made by yourself using natural elements which are affordable as well.  Here are a few recipes that will help you out.

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Everyday Tips For Curly Hair Maintenance You Definitely Need

These curly hair care tips by expert may help you maintain those natural ringlets that people generally pay for.

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Use These Facial Oils For The Monsoon Season To Get That Smooth Skin Texture

Use these facial oils for a smooth skin during the monsoon season. They are full of goodness and can be easily found online.

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You Should Never Make These Mistakes While Shaving Your Face

If you prefer shaving your face over any other hair removal method then you need to avoid these mistakes for flawless skin.

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Fashion Trends That Just Don't Make Any Sense!

Before you blindly follow fashion trends, here are a a few weird ones you should be aware of!

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5 Ways To Groom Your Uneven Eyebrows With Makeup

Eyebrows have the power to highlight your facial features and amp up your makeup looks. Read on to know how to groom them correctly with makeup.