mustard oil for hair m


Want Long, Smooth & Shiny Hair? Use These Mustard Oil AKA Sarson Ka Tel Hair Masks

Mustard oil aka Sarson Ka Tel can do wonders for your hair. Here are DIY mustard oil hair packs that you should definitely try.

olive oil skin benefits routine


Guide To Using Olive Oil For Skin Care Routine

Olive oil has some amazing benefits for your skin. Here is how you can make it a part of your everyday skincare routine.

honey salt face pack glow


This Salt And Honey Face Mask For Glowing Skin Works For Real

If you have been looking for an easy beauty DIY then try this one. It uses just 2 ingredients and gives you soft, glowing skin.

ice rolling skin


Start Using An Ice Roller For These Amazing Skin Benefits

Ice rolling is the biggest skincare trend at the moment and if you haven't tried it yet, here is why you should. 

malaika arora potatoes for face


Try Malaika Arora's 3- Ingredient Fruit And Vegetable Ice Cube Hack For Toned, Glowing Skin

In an interview, Malaika Arora shared an easy beauty hack that has the goodness of fruits and vegetables. Here is why you should try it!

Reasons why Your Hair's roots Sometimes Hurttttt


Does Your Hair Hurt? Here Are Some Of The Common Reasons Behind Scalp Sensitivity

Does your hair while combing or tying? It can be due to scalp insensitivity. Read on to know the reasons behind it. 

how to make amla oil at home


Try Using Amla Oil For Thick And Healthy Hair, Here Is How You Can Make It At Home

Amla oil is great for your hair health. Using amla oil regularly helps in keeping any hair problems like hair fall and dandruff at bay. Here is how you can make this oil at home. 

beauty benefits of flowers


6 Flowers Which Have Fascinating Beauty Benefits

When it comes to the face, everybody wants the best of products. There are several flowers within the comfort of your garden which can reap amazing skin benefits. Read on to know more. 

Expert Talk
Avoid Toxic Skin Care Ingredients & Adopt Ayurveda


Here’s Why You Should Avoid Toxic Skin Care Ingredients & Adopt Ayurveda

Are you tired of breakouts and skin damage due to harsh, chemical-infused products? Shahnaz Husain explains why it is best to adopt Ayurveda. 

Shraddha Kapoor’s Edgy Hairstyle


Step-By-Step Tutorial For Shraddha Kapoor’s Edgy Hairstyles

In love with Shraddha Kapoor’s edgy hairstyles, read on to learn how to create them effortlessly. 

oil bhringraj benefits


7 Reasons Why Bhringraj Hair Oil, An Ancient Ayurvedic Treatment, Is Beneficial For Your Hair

If you are suffering from baldness, hair growth issues, premature greying and dandruff, then this oil is your answer to them all.

Makeup Foundations


From Liquid To Mousse, Here Are Five Different Types Of Makeup Foundations

Be it dry or combination skin, one of these five types of makeup foundation will suit you. Read on to know more.