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Day At Disneyland

Travel Diary

How To Make The Most Out Of Your Day At Disneyland

If you too are visiting Disneyland for the very first time, then this article will help you efficiently plan your day and make the most out of it.

facts interesting

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Venice: Fascinating Facts About The Floating City

Built on water, boats for cars, and canals for roads, Venice is one of Italy's biggest highlights. Check out a few facts about the city. 

london kolkata bus

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From London To Kolkata In A Bus: Know About The World’s Longest Route In 1950s

A bus which would let you travel from London to India, that too in the 1950s. Sounds way ahead of its time, right? Well, read on to find more interesting details.  

goa tour

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Frustrated At Home? Book Your Flights To Goa & Chill As Tourism Resumes With Mandatory Precautions

Goa has opened its doors to tourism but with a few rules in place. If you are frustrated at home and need a break, this may give you a respite!

scary places india

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10 Most Scariest Places In India You Should Avoid

Save yourself and avoid going to these places in India as they are haunted with many witnesses claiming paranormal activities.

sara ali kha

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Sara Ali Khan Turns Tour Guide Amid Lockdown, Watch Video To See Glimpses Of Her India Tour

Actor Sara Ali Khan is winning hearts of the netizens as she shared a glimpse of her India tour. Watch the video to see her fun snaps in Bihar, Jammu, and Rajasthan. 

golden temple

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Golden Temple: Amazing Facts About Religious Shrine Thronged Often By Bollywood Celebs

Do you know amazing facts about the Golden Temple, which is often thronged by Bollywood celebrities? If not, keep reading!

greece covid  tourism

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Greece To Open Up For Tourism Next Month Amid COVID 19

Tourism to begin again? Well Greece sure is ready to welcome you starting next month!

mosques beautiful

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Eid Special: Checkout The Most Beautiful Mosques In The World!

I know we can't travel at the moment due to the pandemic COVID-19, but there is no harm in treating your eyes to visuals of some of the most beautiful mosques in this world. 


Travel Diary

Check Out These Captivating Facts About Kedarnath You Probably Didn't Know

Situated on the high altitudes of the Garhwal Himalayan range, Kedarnath is one of the most sacred places of Hindu devotees. Check out facts, which will surprise you.

quarantine effect nature

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See Pics: Delhi, Venice, Paris, Milan, Natures Makes A Comeback Amid Quarantine Across The Globe!

Here is what Delhi's sky and landmarks, Eiffel Tower, Venice's waters and more, look like amid coronavirus quarantine.

places less crowded

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Top 5 Places In India Which Are Least Explored & Are Less Crowded

If you are looking for peace or adventure, then these less crowded places are for you.