Want To Reduce That Face Fat? Start Cutting Down These Foods From Your Diet

To reduce facial fat quickly, it is important you avoid eating certain foods which lead to fluid retention and puffiness.

Tanya Malik
reduce face fat avoid these foods

If you are on a weight loss journey, you know it is an altogether different struggle to lose facial fat. When we gain weight, it is our face where fat starts to deposit first and it is quite difficult to get rid of it.

Other than weight gain, there are many other factors that contribute to the deposit of fat on the face including hormones and genetics which is why there are some women who have a lean body but a lot of face fat. Reducing facial fat and getting a chiseled jawline can be challenging. However, not impossible.

There are a lot of facial fat-reducing exercises and yoga asanas that can help you lose all that fat. However, to get quick and effective results, you can do a lot more than just doing these exercises.

Making changes in your everyday diet can help you transform your face. What you eat affects not only just your body but your face too. There are a lot of foods which can lead to puffiness on your face or increase your facial fat in general.

We spoke to Soumita Biswas, Chief Nutritionist, Aster RV Hospital Bangalore, and asked her to share a list of foods we should avoid to reduce facial fat. The expert shared that a lot of common, everyday foods can make your face fat. Read on to know which foods you should be cutting off your diet plan.

Soy Sauce

sodium facial fat soy

Soy sauce is high in sodium and high salt consumption can lead to increased puffiness on the face. Excess salt intake also makes our body feel bloated. Though soy sauce is low in calories, it should be avoided as it can make your face look puffy and even put you at the risk of hypertension.



You must cut down on the consumption of alcohol since it is one of the biggest reasons behind weight gain and facial puffiness. Alcohol contains a lot of calories which can make you gain weight, especially around the facial area.

Junk Food

Your favourite junk foodis loaded with sodium which can increase a lot of face and body fat. You should avoid eating any kind of junk food to prevent facial fat.


bread for fat loss

A lot of us rely on bread toasts and sandwiches for our everyday breakfast and brunches. You should avoid eating bread as much as you can. Breads are loaded with carbohydrates which make increase your facial fat.

Refined Products

Consuming refined products can be harmful for you. Be it refined sugar or refined oil, it can be harmful for your health. These products can lead to puffiness on your face.

Red Meat

Red meat too can add a lot of puffiness to your face. It comes loaded with a lot of calories. If you wish to reduce your face fat, avoid eating it as much as you can.

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Added Salt

A lot of times we top our snacks, fruits, veggies with salt for that additional flavour but this can be harmful. As aforementioned, sodium can make you gain weight around the facial area. Instead of using salt, you can use fresh herbs to make your snacks tastier.

Other Effective Tips To Lose Facial Fat

Drink More Water

It is important to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day but do you know drinking a good amount of water can also help you lose facial fat? Drinking water will help in decreasing your everyday calorie intake because it will make you feel full for longer. This will further improve your metabolic rate and reduce fluid retention and swelling on your face.

Follow A Good Sleep Schedule

Not having enough sleep can be one of the reasons why you are gaining all that fat on your face. Often, sleep deprivation can lead to a issues like weight gain, low metabolism, excess food intake which indirectly contribute to your facial weight gain.

Eat Fiber Rich Foods

Increasing fiber rich foods like oats, cereals, fruits and vegetables to your diet can help you lose weight. Fiber rich foods keep you fuller for longer, reduce your appetite and make you lose fat.

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Manage Your Stress

Increased stress can lead to increased appetite which can make you gain weight and make it more difficult for you to lose facial fat.

Add Cardio To Your Everyday Routine

Losing weight will help you slim down not just your body but face too. Cardio exercises are believed to be extremely beneficial for fat loss, especially around the face.

These expert backed tips should help you lose your facial fat quickly. However, these tips alone won't do the magic. Make sure you keep doing your facial exercises regularly to get quick and effective results.

However, if you are unable to get results after all these efforts, you might be gaining facial fat due to an underlying condition. In this case, do consult your doctor.

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