Get Younger Skin Like Deepika Padukone, With These Facial Yoga Exercises By Mrs. India Legacy 2019

Get that tight skin by doing these facial yoga exercises shared by first runner up of Mrs. India Legacy 2019, Neha Lal.

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When you are in your 30s and even 40s, getting younger skin or tightening your skin is of major importance to us whether you accept it or not. To help us out, Mrs. India Legacy 2019's first runner up, Neha Lal told HerZindagi some cool facial yoga exercises which would help us get skin like Deepika Padukone who I believe has great skin especially when she is in her late 30s. It is like a morale booster for many of us personally. Mrs Neha Lal herself has great skin. She shared that "the first showcase of beauty is your face and that made me think why not discuss face and yoga together because yoga is the best cosmetic ever. Let us look at some simple facial yoga exercises which can, in my own experience, get you that perfectly taut, chiselled face if you do them regularly. You can easily do these at home while watching TV, cooking or you can simply include them in your daily workout.

With these exercises, you can surely delay your aging process and get that glowing, fresh, and youthful face without any of those pricey anti-aging treatments. I have been doing it for many years and I find that toning your face is just as important as the rest of your body as years go by to keep one looking and feeling young. Keep your skin well hydrated before you try any of the following exercises so that the skin breathes and continues to shine. Just remember to start with 2 sets of 10 reps each and slowly build up to 4 sets.

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Cheek Thrust

Pump up your cheeks and shift the air from left to right and vice- versa then release.

Benefit: This will help your cheeks to look taut and firm.

Pout Power

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Pout like you are kissing someone.

Benefit: It gives amazing younger-looking cheeks.


Lip Press

Press your lips tightly and relax.

Benefit: Helps to firm up cheeks and reduce wrinkles on the upper side of the lip.

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Kiss the Sky

Lift your head upwards as towards the sky, tighten your lips and move them forward as if you are trying to kiss the sky.

Benefit: This will help to reduce flab on your chin and give you a strong jawline.

Chin Up

Look up and down and sideways rotating your neck.

Benefit: The neck becomes leaner, longer and jowls and smile lines become less visible over time.


These exercises are not just effective but also easy. What you need to remember is that these exercises can be done anytime during the day, so go ahead set that alarm and do your reps. The essential thing is that even if you feel it’s too late to start, make a start. It’s important to begin. Who knows, it might just be the new you waiting to be unveiled.

Don’t forget to watch this space for many such interesting ideas on how we can become better versions of ourselves. And while we are yet to discover something that stops ageing but we can surely choose how gracefully we age.

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