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    Can A Plate Of Chole Bhature Be Turned Healthy? Here Is Your Guide

    You can healthify a plate of delicious and calorie packed chole bhature. How? Read on to know.
    Updated at - 2020-10-26,19:17 IST
    chole bhature for health tips

    Soft and fluffy bhaturas dipped in flavourful chole, a combination made in heaven! Chole bhature lovers would agree! Chole bhature is one Indian dish everyone loves and just can't get enough. Recipes come and go but there is nothing like this combo of delicious chole and soft bhaturas. 

    All of us love bingeing on this delicious Indian meal but we all know that it is packed with so much oil, basically calories. Amidst trying to lose weight, we can't really have our favourite chole bhaturas. But can you enjoy it without actually gaining weight?

    Calories In One Plate Chole Bhature

    All us fans of chole bhature know that it isn't the healthiest thing in the world. The bhaturas are made using refined flour or maida and deep-fried in desi ghee or oil. On the other hand, the chole is prepared using so many spices and oil. 

    One plate of chole bhature has 500 calories. Usually, nutritionists suggest consuming 1600 to 2500 calories a day.

    To Eat Or To Not Eat?

    chole bhature calories one plate

    Chole Bhature is one of the best Indian meals indeed. Full of flavour and so filling. There is nothing like you can have a plate of chole bhature only in the morning but whenever you have it, it is like a full meal complete of carbohydrates and fat proteins. However, the carbs come from the refined flour or maida which isn't really healthy. Also, the bhaturas are fried in oil or ghee which are full of calories. 

    How To Healthify It?

    healthify calories chole bhature

    If you wish to relish your favourite chole bhature but without putting on those extra kilos then making it at home is an easy way. 

    When preparing chole bhature at home, make sure you use fresh oil to fry the bhaturas as it will reduce the trans fat in them. 

    Always have a bowl of salad with chole bhature as the food dish itself doesn't have a good amount of fiber content

    You can also ditch the refined flour bhaturas and prepare whole wheat pooris with homemade chole. 

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    Adding a pickle to your plate of chole bhature can be great for digestion. We all know that chole bhature is a very heavy meal and difficult to digest. Having some homemade mango or lemon pickle with it can help in digestion

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    Burning Calories After Consuming It

    zumba chole bhature

    When satiate your cravings with a plate of chole bhature, it's time to burn all those calories. That's the only way to have it without feeling guilty. Burning those 500 calories won't be really difficult. You can choose from options like Zumba, walking, or cycling. Do these for at least 30-40 minutes if you wish to burn all those calories.

    We all love chole bhature and there can be days when you really wish to indulge in this treat without feeling guilty. If you are on a diet and working hard on your body then also it's okay to have a cheat meal like chole bhature once in a while. 

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    You shouldn't really ignore your cravings, having your favourite meal once a week doesn't hurt. Just make sure that you keep a count on your calories everyday, it will help you maintain your weight. 

    Also, you can healthify it by making chole bhature at home. Well, if you enjoy food, have it but don't stop working on your body and burn all those calories. 

    For more such stories around food and wellness, stay tuned! 

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