When suffering from serious body ache, backache, or continuous troubles related to any organ in your body, acupressure is the most suitable and effective method to treat such ailments. This is an alternative medicine technique that is quite popular around the different parts of Asia and also the entire world.  The process is also the same as acupuncture except for the fact that this process makes use of extreme pressure on the acupuncture points to allow the blockage in the meridians to clear up, instead of using needles.  It is believed that life energy flows through meridians and its blockages make us experience pain and other troubles. As interesting as it may sound, acupressure, if done correctly, can actually prove to be of quite a lot of help. So, let's take a look at some of the important facts about this alternative medicine technique.

It Is Free And Is A Great Self-Help Tool


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Well, talking about the charges you have to spend on a single therapy of acupressure is zero. Yes, you heard that right. How? Actually, for this process, all you need to do is apply pressure or simply massage a pressure point. And this, you can easily do on your own. Just know which spot on your hand/feet represents which organ and there you go. You can do this anytime and anywhere, it's that simple! It is a great self-help tool and provides assured results if done properly and periodically.

It Is Painless And Accurate Diagnostic Process

Acupressure, as already described, is one of the most popular alternative medicine techniques. It is great in terms of long term results and is known to be quite accurate too. How this goes around, is it is easy to judge and diagnose a paining point on your palm that suggests that a particular organ is malfunctioning or needs fixing. The diagnosis is short and clear and anyone can detect this right at home. Without going through lengthy diagnosis processes.

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One Method Does It All


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Acupressure covers the entire body and each organ and that is why it is considered to be one of the best ways to treat ailments that trouble you From headaches to backaches to water retention and anxiety. This method can fix it all. When the points corresponding to a particular organ, are gently pressed and stimulated, then slowly and gradually the healing begins and you see the difference within a few months. Apart from its therapeutic value, this method also helps in soothing the mind and alleviates the presence of stress.

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2 Minutes Of Daily Repetition Can Also Be Fruitful For You


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Yes, you read that right. Even 2 minutes of daily massage on your pressure points can help you a lot because that is enough. This therapy requires a regular repetition of the entire process and then even 2 minutes of a daily stimulation to your pressure points will work wonders. In fact, it is also noted that wearing jewellery also helps in pressuring the acupressure points and that's why it's deemed to be beneficial. So, start pressing your pressure points and lead a healthy and ailment free life. Acupressure is easy and you can start doing this anytime. Don’t wait, start now!

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