Also known as citronella, lemongrass is one of the most popularly used ingredients in South Asian kitchens. It has a lemon flavoured bulb that is used in teas, marinades, and curries.  And, apart from this herb having a greatly distinct smell and exotic taste, it also comes packed with a lot of health benefits. That is why it has also been used in homes for its medicinal value as a home remedy for various problems such as common cold, cough, diabetes, hypertension and other such conditions. 

It is especially considered to be very beneficial for our kidneys are responsible for filtering and flushing out the waste of our body and that the reason why you need to keep them safe and functional and since they are mostly in vulnerable conditions because of our unhealthy habits, it is of utmost importance that we treat them and get them in optimal shape. Here’s how lemongrass can help you with that.

It Improves The Overall Blood Flow

lemongrass for kidney

Lemongrass is known for its effects on red blood cells. It has been found that regular consumption of this natural herb can help increase the production of red blood cells and stimulate better blood flow in the system. When the body receives an adequate and surplus supply of blood pumping throughout the system, all it functions are carried out very smoothly when the prior process of the absorption of energy and breaking down of food are done nicely then the latter functions which do involve the kidneys are carried out smoothly too. 

Lemongrass For Bloating Due To Water Retention

lemongrass for kidney

Water retention that is caused due to bloating may be relieved lemongrass. This herb is a diuretic, which means it causes the kidneys to release more urine, which obviously results in frequent urination. This helps in expelling the excessive sodium in our body hence leading to a sound system. Too much sodium in the body may lead to strokes, kidney stones, cancer and other such serious conditions and consuming lemongrass can help you with that. 

Not only that, but this herb may also cure mild kidney conditions and allow the kidneys to function efficiently.  Therefore, lemongrass may help you eliminate more waste content from your body which may further lead to a better and more functional body. 

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This can enhance your metabolism and lift the risks of severe diseases, reduce your blood pressure levels and also get your entire body in perfect health. It has also been found that this herb can help you throw out the small kidney stones(how to prevent kidney stones) that develop inside your kidneys and cause disruption.

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Things To Bear In Mind While Consuming Lemongrass

lemongrass for kidney

Lemongrass is definitely one of the most miraculous and fast remedy to solve all your kidney-related problems. But like everything good has a negative aspect to it, this herb has one. 

Lemongrass is among the herbs that contain major amounts of potassium. And too much potassium may be problematic, they may result in your heart beating irregularly, cardiovascular conditions, chest pain, muscle weakness, diarrhoea and other such troubles. 

Therefore, if you are looking for a remedy to treat your kidney problems(signs of kidney failure) then lemongrass is the way to go along with the rightful advice of your dietitian. 

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