Kidneys play an important function in the body. Kidneys help in the functioning of the urinary system, secretion of hormones and in the maintenance of blood pressure levels in the body. They filter the blood and help remove toxins from within the body. Kidneys send the toxins to the bladder, which get later removed during urination. When they fail, there is an overload of toxins within the body and there is an inability to filter it out.

Grandmaster Akshar shared with HerZindagi that "Holistic treatments like yoga can bring out one’s potential to the optimal by enhancing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual facets of the practitioner. This supports the allopathic, homeopathic or ayurvedic treatments that the patient is already on thereby assisting healing."

Here is what he has suggested that may help in curing the disorder.

Early Start

Along with early diagnosis through regular medical checkups; leading a healthy lifestyle can help in the prevention of kidney disease. Rising early in the morning and practicing Surya Namaskar, and breathing exercises especially Bramhari Pranayam can be beneficial for you.

Kidney Mudra

kidney mudra

The kidney mudra cures kidney disorders. It possesses the same qualities as Jalodara Nashaka Mudra. Start by holding for up to 5 minutes twice a day and slowly increase the duration.


The little finger and the ring finger tips are to be placed at the base of the thumb and thumb should be placed over the two fingers.

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Vajrasana: Thunderbolt Pose

vajrasna kidney failure

  • Kneel down placing your pelvis on your heels.
  • Place a pillow on your calves if in case you have any knee related problems.
  • Face your toes outward and place heels slightly apart from each other.
  • Straighten your back and place your palms on your knees in Prapthi Mudra where palms face up. 
  • Look forward and hold for 10-15 seconds.
  • The Surya Namaskar has numerous physical, mental and spiritual benefits.
  • When you regularly practice this salutation, it brings a positive impact on all these aspects of your life helping you towards a speedy cure.

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When on treatment by allopathy, it is best to consult with your medical practitioner if yoga practice could help accelerate your recovery and treatment journey.

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