Our intestines are one of the most important aspects of the system, they not only help in the process of digestion but also eliminate the waste out of the body. Also, it is here that the food gets absorbed and then is excreted out. The intestine or the gut impacts a lot of things first and foremost the digestion, happiness levels, mental health, endocrine disorders, metabolism, immunity, etc and that is the reason why we essentially need to have a perfectly optimal gut.

The gut is a long tube-like structure that breaks down the food particles. But the chances are that giving to our unhealthy lifestyles, we happen to be very vulnerable in terms of gut health, which is why we are here to tell you if your gut is healthy or not. Take note of these things to find out more about it.

Upset Stomach

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An unhealthy gut will always have trouble performing the right digestive functions of processing and eliminating waste from the body. There can be problems like gas, bloating, diarrhea, heartburn, etc, on a regular basis. And if you are subjected to these, then your gut health is definitely on the edge. So, understand and take the right measures.

Decline Of Immunity

Well, when the entire digestive system fails to work properly, digestion is affected and so is immunity. This is one serious issue as this condition could further develop more into an autoimmune disorder. The inflammation in the body keeps increasing and the system attacks itself rather than the intruders. Therefore, if your body’s ability to stop you from getting sick is less, then you might also be suffering from an unhealthy gut.

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Changes In Weight

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If you are noticing your weight pick up or drop because of no reason, then this might also be a potential sign of bad gut health. Dysfunction of the gut can lead to a very slow or no absorption of nutrients in the body. It may also not be able to store fat and regulate blood sugar levels and this causes the weight to fall.  On the other hand, when your weight prominently increases, the reason could be insulin resistance or overeating due to the lack of nutrients absorption.

Sleep Disturbances And Tiredness

If you stay fatigued the entire time and experience difficulty in sleeping(tips for a sound sleep) then your gut health is definitely not doing well. Serotonin, a hormone that affects the mood is produced in the gut itself which is the reason why the damages in the gut affect your sleep patterns, mood, etc. Not only that chronic fatigue and tiredness will also linger on in such cases. And disturbances in your sleep patterns might also result in fibromyalgia.

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Food Intolerance

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An unhealthy gut may also result in intolerances against certain foods. The immune system (ghee for immunity)reacts against certain foods and that is why you have to withdraw them from your body. The poor bacteria in the gut are responsible for food intolerances majorly, The forceful infusion of these foods can further result in acidity, bloating, gas etc.  So, beware and notice these signs in your system today, to find out whether or not your gut is healthy.

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