Our body is so well connected that any problem or dysfunction of the organ gets reflected in other organs too. If one organ stops working or starts to dysfunctional other organs get affected by it too and there can be many signs that indicate that something is wrong with our health and one of those signs could be the white tongue.

Have you noticed how a layer of a white substance gets deposited over the tongue? While initially when the accumulation begins it is light but with time it become thicker and even more harmful and that is when it becomes concerning this happens if you don't take care of your tongue regularly. Let's take a look at some of the common reasons for white tongue and what they mean.

General Reasons

white tongue

The general reasons for tongue whitening are bacteria, food debris, and dead cells trapped between the surface of the tongue. And when this happens the surface of the tongue or specifically papillae get inflamed due to the accumulation and swells up to form a whitish appearance on the tongue. 


This is a condition that occurs in the mouth when the lining wall of the mouth faces an overgrowth of the cells. The cells then combine with protein keratin and this forms a white layer in the mouth.

Although this condition isn’t very serious and can easily be treated. The symptoms of this disease are irritation in the mouth and the tongue as a result of drinking too much alcohol, smoking, or even chewing tobacco. After decades of non-treatment, this disease can turn into mouth cancer, and that why it is important for you to pay attention to such issues.

Oral Lichen Planus

This is another condition where the tongue gets white due to the disbalance in the immune system and other microscopic threats. This condition is infectious and chronic and that is why it is very crucial to get it treated by an expert as soon as possible. 

Tongue Regrowth

white tongue

Your tongue may also turn white while regrowing. This condition is known as the Geographic tongue. Different parts of your tongue start shedding the skin which may lead to tenderness and redness thereafter. Also in this case the situation could worsen if you catch any other infection. 

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A white coat appears(remedies to clean white tongue) on the top layer of your tongue due to oral thrush which means the spreading of a viral infection called candida. Too much growth of candida results in the infection and even though this microbe is found inside your mouth, you must see a doctor as soon as you feel uneasy in the mouth.

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Some Other Reasons That Cause White Tongue

white tongue

  • High blood sugar levels
  • Extensive use of antibiotics 
  • Shortage of fruits and vegetables
  • Not cleaning of the mouth regularly/poor oral hygiene
  • Disrupted digestive system 
  • Weak immunity
  • Wear dentures or using sharp objects over your tongue.
  • Being highly dehydrated with a dry mouth. 
  • Cancer treatments
  • Poor metabolism or having hypothyroidism

All these things could lead to a white tongue and therefore you should be very careful and particular about the oral hygiene you are following. It is very vital to keep your mouth clean and healthy in order to allow all the different functions to be in optimal condition

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