Vomiting isn't a great feeling. It usually happens as a reflex action when our body just throws out anything that is unwanted or infected. 

There is not just one reason that contributes to vomiting. Pregnancy, food poisoning, indigestion are some common reasons behind this symptom. We all know, the feeling is really unpleasant and it leaves us feeling weak and sick. 

Vomiting isn't usually a very serious medical issue and can be treated at home with some natural ingredients. Yes, some simple home remedies can give you instant relief and prevent vomiting. Read on. 

Green Cardamom

Jaya Johri, Dietician, LNJP Hospital shared that green cardamom can be used to treat nausea. Green cardamom is effective in curing vomiting. You can either chew one cardamom if you feel nausea or have it with honey. In a bowl, add some honey, 1/2 tsp cardamom powder and mix well. Consume it to prevent vomiting. 

Saunf Or Fennel Seeds

vomiting fennel seeds

Fennel seeds are commonly consumed as a mouth freshener but do you know it can prevent vomiting too? Fennel seeds or saunf refresh the flavour of your mouth and help stop vomiting. You can chew the seeds as is or even have a cup of fennel seeds tea. 

You can add fennel seeds to your tea masala while making regular chai or boil 1 tsp fennel seeds in water. Steep for a few minutes and then strain. Drink up and you will feel a lot lighter. 

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Lemon Juice Or Lemon Drink

Lemons have vitamins and minerals that can help prevent vomiting. You can have a glass of fresh lemonade or simply drink a glass of water with a lemon squeezed into it. You can mix honey with the water if you wish to sweeten it. You can also drink a lemon drink if you are on the go to feel better. 

Cloves Or Laung

cloves vomiting

If you suffer from motion sickness then you must have cloves handy. Cloves can help you provide relief from nausea quickly. Keeping a few pieces of cloves in the mouth for some time to prevent vomiting. You can also boil 1 tsp of cloves in a glass of water and then drink this water for relief. 


If you wake up feeling nausea, you can have a cup of ginger or adrak tea. Ginger helps in easing the irritation in the stomach and gives you instant relief. If you don't drink tea, you can also prepare ginger water. In a pan, add some water and 1 tsp grated ginger. Bring to boil and steep for a few minutes. Strain and drink up. 

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Salt And Sugar Water

Another quick remedy to prevent vomiting is drinking salt and sugar water. A lot of times we feel like vomiting because of an imbalance of salts in our body. In a glass of water, add some sugar and salt. Mix well and drink. This drink will help you feel hydrated and energetic instantly. 

Other than trying these natural remedies, you can also try deep breathing. If you have been in all day, step out and get some fresh air. 

If you are undergoing medication or treatment, make sure you consult your doctor before consuming any of these ingredients. 

We hope these home remedies help you prevent vomiting next time you feel nausea. However, if the symptom persists, you must consult a healthcare specialist immediately. For more such health-related stories, stay tuned!