Aroma is no more only about the perfumes we use to camouflage the sweat odour or to make an impression on the room full of people. Aroma has long been associated with religious events when Hindus and Buddhists would light incense to set the mood for puja and offer a clean fragrance to the idols of many Gods and Goddesses. Aroma was also burnt by princesses and alike to make their hair fragrant. People have realised how aromatherapy can be a cure for many things especially stress! Here comes in fragrances of herbs like lemongrass which is utilised in many forms with the prime one being essential oil.  A lemongrass essential oil is not very expensive and there are many uses to it due to its pleasing aroma which makes you feel fresh and clam. 

What Is Lemongrass?

It is basically a grassy plant which works wonders in herbal medicines and cooking. Many Chinese dishes include this grass as well. The oil is extracted from its leaves and stalk which has a strong citrusy fragrance. You often find it in soaps, candles, and personal care products. But did you know that it is used for digestive problems and blood pressure control as well?

Benefits Of Lemongrass

Antifungal, Antibacterial & Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Lemongrass has several amazing properties with these three being the most prominent ones. Its antibacterial properties are used for taking care of wounds and preventing infection. The antifungal properties in lemongrass is excellent for preventing athlete's foot, jock itch and ringworm as per a study. Speaking of anti-inflammtaory properties, lemongrass is said to help in dealing with chronic inflammations including cardiovascular disease, arthritis, and even cancer. How does lemongrass help? It contains citral, which is an anti-inflammatory compound. 

Nausea & Gastric Ulcers

nausea lemongrass

This herbal remedy has for a long time been used for countering digestive problems which could also be gastric ulcers or stomach aches. It is also a major part in many teas and supplements made for nausea. 


If you have diarrhea, dehydration is inevitable. There are many medicines that you get for the same but they may have side effects. That is one reason why many people have started considering natural remedies and lemongrass is one of them. It may be able to help slow diarrhea. 


cholesterol lemongrass

If you suffer from high cholesterol then lemongrass might be your answer or supporter in a way. High cholesterol is as it is not good as it increases the chances of a heart attack or a heart stroke. To manage the same,  lemongrass oil helps in treating these issues. 

Stress & Anxiety

stress lemongrass

In the current scenario of life when the pandemic has changed our everyday activities 360 degrees, work and household have been giving stress to so many of us. As it is there was so much increasing competition in every field, now the work from home has added to it. Many even suffer from anxiety issues and this is where aromatherapy steps in. It helps in easing stress and anxiety and if you can amalgamate the same with a good massage using lemongrass oil then it can have greater benefits. It even lowers blood pressure if you get it done once a week. 

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Headaches & Migraine

Many believe and I have indeed experienced being a migraine patient, that burning lemongrass aroma oil in a diffuser helps a great deal. It has a soothing and relaxing effect and it takes a while but takes away your headaches. This happens as it is said to have a compound in lemongrass called eugenol which works something like a medicine for headache does. Eugenol is believed to help in preventing blood platelets to clump together and also releases serotonin. Serotonin is a hormone that regulates sleep, appetite,  mood and cognitive functions.

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Natural remedies work differently for different individuals and it depends upon a lot of factors, Therefore it is necessary that you consult your doctor before making anything permanent or regular in your diet or habits. It becomes even more necessary if you have diabetes, low blood sugar, asthma, going through chemotherapy or have liver disease. Do check with your doc if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. 

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