Bajra is a whole grain primarily grown in India and Africa, whereas, it's also largely consumed in different parts of the globe. Bajra is commonly known as the powerhouse of nutrients as it is literally packed with a healthy amount of nutrients which tend to be super beneficial for the body. Bajra is a major source of nutrients specifically for the people who are living in the sub-Indian and African regions. Bajra is basically the edible seed of the pearl millet plant. It can be consumed in the form of cereal or bread out of bajra flour. Apart from that, Here are some amazing health benefits of Bajra.

Helps Lose Weight And Maintain Overall Gut-Health


Bajra is supposed to be one of those whole grain foods which are very low in calories, thus, it's a great dietary option for people wanting to shred some extra couple of kilograms off their bodies.

Bajra has a calorie density of only 1.2, which means that if you incorporate this wonder grain into your regular diet, it can help you lose weight. Also, it is high in dietary fiber as well. Which is also responsible for better bowel movements and makes you feel like your tummy is full. Thus, keeping you from overeating. This property of fiber is also one of the reasons why consuming Bajra aids in weight loss. 

Regulates Healthy Levels Of Blood Sugar 

Just as we learned earlier, Bajra tends to be a rich source of fiber, both soluble and insoluble. Whole grain or cereal foods such as Bajra, which are rich in fiber, are considered to trigger medicinal effects in people suffering from type 2 diabetes. Regular consumption of Bajra ensures healthy blood sugar levels in the system and prevents blood sugar spikes even after a heavy carbohydrate meal. Also, Bajra in contrast to other whole-grain products like white rice and bread has a very low glycemic index. Which means that it does not naturally inherent high levels of glucose or sugar in it and hence, its consumption does not increase blood sugar levels in the system. Also, certain proteins found in bajra tend may contribute to improved blood sugar levels

Nourishes The Skin And Promotes Healthy Hair

According to research, Bajra is extremely rich in a number of nutrients such as protein, vitamin b6, zinc, iron, and folate. These nutrients altogether are responsible for healthy hair and skin. Consuming Bajra on a regular basis can prevent deficiencies caused due to the absence of these particular nutrients in the body and in turn promote better skin and hair health. Nutrients such as vitamin b6 and zinc are associated with better nourishment of hair and prevent inflammation of the scalp. Bajra also promotes cell regeneration in vital organs including skin, thus, retaining that natural glow on your skin and getting rid of dead skin cells. 

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Great For Cardiovascular Health


Bajra also tends to be a rich source of magnesium, which is a wonderful nutrient responsible for maintaining the heart's functioning and its general health. Being stuffed with Potassium also means that consuming Bajra will allow better blood flow throughout the body as Potassium dilates the blood vessels and broaden its walls.

Better blood flow in blood vessels and arteries near the heart means a lower chance of blockage, hence, a significantly lower risk of contracting life-threatening heart-related conditions such as heart attack and cardiac arrest. Better blood flow also improves blood pressure levels in the system, which is a plus for people suffering from hypertension and low blood pressure(home remedies for high blood pressure). Also, Bajra consumption reduces LDL, or bad cholesterol levels in the system by a significant amount and promotes the production of HDL or good cholesterol at the same time. Which is also considered very good for overall cardiovascular health.

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An Amazing Detox Agent


Bajra consists of healthy amounts of antioxidants as well, including tannins, phytic acid and phenols. All of these antioxidants play a vital role in slowing down the process of ageing and preventing heart-related diseases and life threatening conditions such as strokes and cancer. It also aids kidney and liver to function properly by helping them excrete toxins off the body more efficiently.

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