Urad dal, also known as mung ki dal or black lentil, is a bean that originated and grown in South Asian countries. It is incorporated in a variety of dishes in Indian cuisine such as dal makhani etc. And is very delicious along with being extremely beneficial for overall health, due to an abundance of nutritious elements. It is rich in dietary fiber and stacked with lots of protein. Here are some amazing health benefits of Urad dal which will convince you to include it in your general diet plan for sure, so, take a look.

Good For Your Gut Health

urad dal

As per the nutritional values of Urad dal, it clearly indicates that it is an extremely rich source of dietary fiber, both soluble and insoluble, it is literally stuffed with lots and lots of fiber. Now, when you incorporate urad dal into your regular diet, the fiber content present inside of it tends to bulk up the stool and regulate healthy bowel moments in the digestive system, thus improving overall gut health and ensuring the smooth functioning of the digestive organs.

Healthy bowel movements also help lower the risk of contracting any chronic digestive illnesses or gut-related health ailments. Consuming urad dal on a regular basis can help get rid of problems related to the digestive system such as constipation, bloating, diarrhea, and cramps. It also effectively heals colic disorder, piles and is therefore considered to be a good liver stimulant.

Helps In losing Weight

Fiber also promotes a feeling of being full, thus preventing you from overeating and gaining excessive fats. This means that urad dal is generally a good diet option for people looking forward to losing some weight. 

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Maintains Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

urad dal

Urad dal also has the property to regulate and maintain healthy blood sugar levels in the body. People suffering from type 2 diabetes must incorporate urad dal in their diet as its regular consumption can significantly improve their condition and also help prevent sudden unexpected blood sugar spikes in the system even after a high carbohydrate meal.

It works by increasing the production of insulin in the stomach, which absorbs and gets rid of excess glucose in the digestive system itself, also the fiber content in urad dal makes sure that the right amount of nutrients are absorbed by your digestive tract as required by the body. This property also helps you to maintain blood sugar and glucose levels in the system, making diabetes more manageable. 

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Makes Bones Healthier And Stronger

urad dal

Urad dal is an excellent source of minerals such as Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, and Phosphorus which altogether are responsible for strong and healthy bones. According to several different research conducted across the globe, the consumption of Urad dal regularly can significantly increase bone density and help give them a strong structure overall.

The more bone density, the stronger the bones will be. Urad dal can do wonders, it can make your skeletal structure strong, more firm, and fitter. Also, incorporating urad dal into your regular diet can prevent mineral deficiency in the system. This property of Urad dal helps keep a check on overall health in general as well.

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