Starfruit, or also commonly known by its botanical name Carambola, is a magical fruit coming from a species of trees native to Southeast Asia. This fruit is an exceptionally excellent source of Vitamin C, Vitamin B, minerals such as Iron, Calcium, Sodium, Potassium, and a lot of healthy plant compounds including garlic acid, quercetin, and epicatechin.

It is said to have extremely powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties because of which it's considered to be a very healthy fruit for your body. Here are some amazing health benefits of Starfruit and the reasons why your should start incorporating it into your regular diet plan.

A Rich Source Of Vitamin C

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The nutritional values of Starfruit claim that it's an extremely good source of Vitamin C. Just having one and a half Starfruit fruit throughout the day can fulfill the daily recommended intake of Vitamin C as required by the body.

Vitamin C on the other hand is said to have powerful anti-inflammatory properties. It can help the body fight against inflammation of the internal organs and keep the system healthy. It flushes off harmful toxins from the body, acts as an effective remedy against certain skin-related conditions such as dermatitis, and also helps the body strengthen its immune system to fight against flu and the common cold. 

Promotes The Production Of Collagen

Vitamin C found in Starfruit also acts as a building block for the production of collagen, an essential structural protein found in bones and muscles. Consumption of Starfruit also ensures that your body absorbs some important minerals such as iron and magnesium. So that your body never grows deficient in these. Adequate amounts of these minerals promote fast tissue healing upon the damage, healthy skin, efficient working of the body, and optimal energy levels throughout the day. 

Maintains Healthy Blood Pressure Levels In The System

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According to research, Starfruit is said to be stuffed with minerals such as Sodium and Potassium. Both of these minerals are responsible for regulating and maintaining healthy levels of blood pressure in the body. If your blood pressure fluctuates a lot, the heart beats out of rhythm which is not a healthy sign. Including Starfruit in your regular diet ensure that your body absorbs sufficient amounts of these minerals so that none of such instances occur and that your heart stays healthy. 

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Starfruit can also be very beneficial for patients suffering from hypertension, constant low blood pressure, or unstable blood pressure levels. Healthy levels of sodium and potassium in the body will also help control blood pressure spikes even after a high carb meal intake.

Lowers The Risk Of Heart-Related Conditions

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Starfruit also contains trace amounts of Calcium in it. Calcium (side effects of calcium deficiency)intake can subsequently lower the risk of developing some dangerous cardiovascular conditions such as strokes, cardiac arrests, and heart attack. Regular consumption of Starfruit can improve blood circulation and maintain fluid balance in the body. 

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Improves Gut-health And Metabolism

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Starfruit is loaded with dietary fiber, both soluble and insoluble. And according to medical science, Fibrous foods are very much responsible for healthy digestive functions in the system and also constantly improve your gut health. Fiber works by making the stool heavy and soft, thus ensuring smooth bowel movements.

It's a magical remedy for people suffering from gut-related conditions such as constipation as the fruit literally stimulates their digestion and relieves such conditions. The fruit also contains Vitamin B, which on the other hand is very essential for cell development and its functioning. Starfruit consists of a certain type of Vitamin B known as riboflavin, commonly called folic acid, which is also found in dietary supplements. Folic acid improves metabolic activity(Jeera water for better metabolism) in your digestive system and keeps your digestive organs healthy.

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