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    Home Remedies For Cold And Cough Using Honey

    Monsoon season is here and so are minor ailments like cold and cough. Use these natural home remedies using honey to treat such infections effectively.
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    Updated at - 2020-09-07,08:00 IST
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    Honey is widely known for its medicinal properties since time immemorial. It is said even two tablespoons of honey at a time are enough to soothe a sore throat. Honey has many antifungal and anti-bacterial properties and its benefits have been widely discussed in medical research. If you wish to ditch the usual antibiotics and follow a natural route to treat minor ailments, honey is the ingredient you need. Here are some home remedies that can be used to fight a sore throat, cold and cough effectively. 

    Lemon Honey Tea

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    Both honey and lemon are regarded as remedies for a sore throat. This tea has anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe the throat and reduce symptoms of flu.

    How to make:

    • Step 1- Take 2 tbsp of honey in a pan, along with 1 cup of water. 
    • Step 2- Add 2 thin slices of lemon to it, along with 3-4 tbsp of lemon juice. 
    • Step 3- You can also add 1 tsp of grated lemon peel. 
    • Step 4- Heat the tea on medium heat for about 10 minutes.
    • Step 5- Stir it properly. Let it sit for 2 hours. 

    Strain and pour it in a cup. Sip this tea twice a day for effective results. 

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    Honey Turmeric


    Honey and turmeric both are referred to as healing foods which have a long list of health benefits. An infusion of these two ingredients can treat throat infections (kadha for sore throat), cold and mouth ulcers as well.

    How to make:

    • Step 1- Take 1 cup of honey in a saucepan and add 3 tsp turmeric powder to it.
    • Step 2- Mix it and heat the mixture for about 15-20 minutes. 
    • Step 3- Let it cool down. 
    • Step 4- Strain the thick mixture and pour it in a jar. 

    In case of cold and bad throat, you can consume 2 tsps at once twice a day. 

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    Honey Ginger

    Ginger is another super food that can be used to treat minor infections like cold and cough. This powerful mix can even help clear sinuses. It is believed to clear the blockages and ease breathing for people suffering from cough. 

    How to make:

    • Step 1- Pour 1 cup of honey in a saucepan and grate 2 inches of ginger in it.
    • Step 2- Mix it and heat the pan on a low flame for 10 minutes.
    • Step 3- Let it cool down. This will help in infusing the ginger juice properly in the mixture. 
    • Step 4- Strain and pour it in an airtight jar. 

    In case of cough and nose blockage, consume 2 tsps, twice a day which will provide the much needed relief. 

    Honey Lozenges 

    honey remedies

    Honey lozenges or candies are the tastiest way to tone down cough, cold or fever symptoms. You can easily pop a candy or two which will provide the much needed treatment to your sore throat. 

    How to make:

    • Step 1- Take 1 cup of hot water in a pan.
    • Step 2- Put a ginger or lemon tea bag in it. 
    • Step 3- Add 1 tsp of gelatine powder to the pan. 
    • Step 4- Heat the mixture for 5 minutes. 
    • Step 5- Make it more concentrated to infuse a stronger flavour.
    • Step 6- Allow the mixture to cool down. Do not stir and let it sit for approximately 10 minutes.
    • Step 7- Now again put the pan on low heat and add honey in it. 
    • Step 8- Stir and heat the mixture until it becomes completely smooth 
    • Step 9- Take it off the heat. Let it sit for 15 minutes. 
    • Step 10- Now pour the mixture in candy molds.Refrigerate for at least 1 hour. 

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    Later, remove the candies from the molds and store in an airtight container. These honey lozenges will easily last a week and will efficiently treat your cold, cough and sore throat. 

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