Dental plaque is a very serious issue that is also very common in our times. Plaque is the deposition of bacteria over the teeth that result in decay and cavity in the teeth. When the plaque hardens it becomes Tartar. Regular and proper brushing of teeth, avoiding sugars and rinsing the mouth on a periodic routine can help you get rid of plaque and even tartar for that matter but it will take a lot of time. And the plaque results in white or yellow patches over the teeth that make the teeth become dull and unattractive. So, if you wish to know more about some home ingredients that you can use to rescue your teeth from plaque then read on to find them out. 

Baking Soda


Baking soda is a very tough cleansing agent, you might have heard that it is generally used to remove the stains on clothes. But we will tell you this, Baking soda dissolves the plaque and terminates the bacteria present in the mouth. Therefore, it not only removes plaque it also prevents you from mouth odours.

All you have to do is prepare a mixture of baking soda with salt and water and taking it on your toothbrush just rub over your teeth stains gently. Although we won’t vouch for the taste, we will surely say that this remedy can combat even the toughest of stains on your teeth.

Clove Oil/Clove


Clove is not wrongly known as the wonder spice, it is one of the best remedies not only for pain removal but also for cleansing the teeth. The antimicrobial agents present in clove make it just the perfect tool to fight off plaque. Further, it is not very costly and is readily available in Indian households and markets.

Either brush your teeth with clove oil twice or thrice every week or grind the clove spice to powder, mix it with water, add lemon juice(just a few drops) mix the ingredients well and brush your teeth with this herbal paste.

Munch On Cheesy Snacks


Well, now you don’t need an excuse to munch on the yummiest cheesy snacks because cheese is your key to defeating plaque. You read that right! Cheese is known to have a neutralising effect over the acids present in the mouth. Not only that, many scientific researches have found out that cheese can act as a protecting agent against plaque. It can create a protective barrier against the bacteria and plaque accumulation and prevent the condition easily.

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Eat Spicy Food


We know that some of us just love spicy food and some of us hate it. But like it or not spicy foods can also help prevent plaque. When we eat something spicy, the salivary glands produce more saliva in the mouth and as a matter of fact, saliva is the perfect cleansing agent for our mouth. 

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Eat More Figs


Eating figs is another solution to tackle with the plaque present in the mouth. Figs are one of the most trusted antibacterial food items that you must munch on if you have bad odour or plaque. Make sure to bite and savour the figs thoroughly, this will help you expose your gums to the figs and your plaque stains and bacteria build-up will be gone.

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