Dental care is something that is not an option and should not be considered one. It is something that should come naturally to us no matter what the circumstances. If you are travelling, carry all the needed products and at home, you have the luxury to use all the tools. One such controversial tool is a floss. Some say it is necessary but some believe that it in fact causes more harm. 

From personal experience, flossing created gaps between my teeth and this made me wonder whether using it was a good idea or not. As per an investigation by the Associated Press, the claim that it is good for our teeth, there is "insufficient proof".

There are different ideologies followed by different dentists around the globe. BBC reported that "the US Department for Health and Human Services and Agriculture admitted in a letter that the benefits of flossing had never been properly researched."

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"A British dentist at the University of Birmingham, Prof Damien Walmsley, also said there is only 'weak evidence' to suggest flossing is beneficial," read a report by the BBC website.

How Is It Harmful?

Doctors suggest that there is a right way to flossing which if not followed properly, can do more harm than help. 

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"If not done properly, flossing can cause damage to gums, teeth, and dental work", read a report by the AP investigation.

It was also reported that flossing can cause harmful bacteria "to be released into your bloodstream which could lead to an infection."

How To Floss The Right Way

  • The right way is, to begin with breaking off a minimum of 18 inches to a max of 24 inches.
  • Wind most of it around your middle fingers and leave about an inch or two for your teeth. 
  • Taut the floss with your index fingers and thumb.
  • Now, place the floss between two teeth where you want to clean and glide it gently in an up and down motion. 
  • In the process, run it against both sides of your teeth but not into your gums as that can bruise them.
  • When the floss reaches your gum, curve it a little and form a C shape which lets it enter the space between the tooth and the gum. 
  • Repeat the process and renew the floss string with each tooth. 

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Have Braces? Here Is How You Floss

  • Get yourself a waxed dental floss and break off a minimum of 18 inches to 24 inches of the string. 
  • Get hold of a good mirror that can help you see where you need to work.
  • Now thread the floss between the main wire and your teeth and twist the loose ends of the floss around your index fingers to make the movement easier.
  • Be gentle with your handling and press the floss between the two teeth, gliding it up and down on both teeth. 

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  • While you are on the top of your teeth, make an inverted U with the floss and go up the side of one tooth until you get to the gumline. 
  • In a gliding motion, floss down the side of your other tooth.
  • Remove the floss, unthread it gently from behind the wire. 
  • Never pop the floss out of your tooth as that can damage the wire. 
  • Repeat the technique for all your teeth.

Consult your dentist if you still have queries and take care of your dental health. 

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