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Mental Health Expert Explains How Building Positive Psychology Can Lead To Long Term Happiness And Emotional Strength

Positive Psychology is a field of study which seeks to explore how we can enhance the quality of our lives by thinking positively.
  • Kumari Rajnigandha
  • Editorial
Published -15 Feb 2022, 11:18 ISTUpdated -15 Feb 2022, 12:12 IST
positive psychology enriches life

Life can be pretty strange. Grass can appear to be greener in every place other than where we are, fear of missing out can be too overwhelming and uncertainties can easily get the better of us. It seems as if life is skilled at throwing curve balls our way, when we least expect. It can all feel too frazzling sometimes. The diurnal anxiety and stress that life brings with itself can steal the joy of living. Added to this, the covid pandemic is making our lives more challenging than ever before. Happiness during such a time can seem to be miles and miles away from us. 

At such a time, one wonders if only there was a way to learn to experience the true essence of mirth, joy and happiness. Well, we could consider ourselves the fortunate generation. Psychology has progressed enough to give us some fairly satisfying answers. Positive Psychology is a field of study which seeks to explore how we can enhance the quality of our lives by thinking positively.

HerZindagi gets in touch with Moulshree Sinha, a wellness coach at Accenture to figure out how we can keep ourselves metally well in the time of a pandemic and with the help of Positive Psychology how we can enrich our lives. 

What Is Positive Psychology And Why Is It Important?

 woman meditating in nature

The term Positive Psychology was first used by Martin Seligman who is also known as the father of Positive Psychology. According to mental health therapist, Moulshree Sinha “Positive Psychology is the scientific study of developing a positive state of mind and understanding about one’s well-being. It aims to improve quality of life by encouraging people to thrive and build a meaningful life.” 

Moulshree Sinha said “Positive Psychology emphasises on the importance of experiencing positive emotions such as happiness, hope, love, joy, appreciation, forgiveness, etc. in order to develop resiliency. Resiliency is the ability to cope with a crisis and bounce back from it. During stressful times, positive psychology helps us to fill our mind with positive thoughts rather than negative ones. Positive thought helps us in feeling positive emotions which in turn leads to positive behaviour.”

Positive Psychology In Building Relationship

woman listening music peacefully

A fulfilling and meaningful life can be created with the help of positive psychology. It lends meaning and purpose to our lives. Anxiety is one of the main culprits for negative thinking. It easily robs us of experiencing the joys and pleasures of life. 

We can also make use of Positive Psychology to make our close relationships flourish. A thriving relationship requires consistent support, motivation and positive feelings between the couple. Learning to savour positive experiences, appreciating each other and expressing gratitude can go a long way in building a strong relationship that isn’t swayed by the turn of the tides. 

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Positive Psychology Exercises For Building Happiness

moulshree sinha happy world

Yes, we can boost happiness by “Creating our own happy world.” Psychologist Moulshree Sinha suggests some useful tips and techniques to boost happiness. These techniques are as follows:

  • Encourage ourselves to listen to soothing music which can help to release happiness hormones (dopamine hormone) or watch serene or comedy videos or movies. 
  • Show altruistic behaviour by helping others and bringing a smile on their face which in return will make us feel happy.  
  • Try guided imagery technique, where you can imagine one of your best memories or any place,
  • time, etc. which can make you feel relaxed and happy. 
  • Notice 3 things around you or happened to you and appreciate it or write a letter to yourself or maybe to someone else.
quote by moulshree sinha
  • Physical touch is a powerful thing- give or take a hug from your loved ones, play with kids or animals, take a walk in nature, or simply do things that you love to do the most.
  • Make time for hobbies and indulge in them. 
  • Some practises such as meditation, yoga, mindfulness, and journal writing are essential to be followed. Most importantly- speak up or seek help if necessary, share thoughts and feelings with your loved ones when you feel stressed out. 
  • Try to start your day with positive self-affirmations by telling yourself sentences such as “I am going to have a great day; I am grateful for this day. Also, focus on positive self-talk as it helps our brain to get trained by inculcating a positive perspective of self and the world.

Advice For Readers


Furthermore, we asked Moulshree Sinha for a little advice for our readers to deal with pandemic stress. She said, “Just one line, now you know how to create your own happiness even during difficult times. Minimise negativity and maximise positivity.”

If you wish to know more about positive psychology, do let us know by commenting on our Facebook and Instagram page. 

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