Depression is something many of us go through. Some are are able to recognise the symptoms but some fail to do so. With the loss of actor Sushant Singh Rajput and having lost my closest friend to this mental disease, I got in touch with Dr. Mickey Mehta, Global leading holistic health guru and a corporate life coach, who explained what depression is and also listed out what all steps can help us deal with it. 

What Is Depression?

There are 2 types of depression. One is clinical or pathological and the other is self-created. Clinical cases are very rare. When it comes to clinical depression one needs medical help. But after trying natural therapies. Now a day’s lot of people witness depression or anxiety is due to overthinking, too much worrying, creating emotional disbalance, Negative thoughts, work pressure, unrealistic goals, family pressure, anxiety, fear, trying to seek unnecessary attention, lack of rest or sleep, lack of physical activity, bad nutrition, obesity, etc.

How To Deal With These Reasons Which Create Anxiety & Depression?

Being healthy in mind and Body is the first Step Having A Positive Approach towards life is very important. Don't be deadly serious. Live joyfully, laugh of loud cry out loud if you feel like, smile for no reason. Definitely, there is a lot that life can offer sometimes to hit you down in aspects with work, relationships business, etc. But we Need to be read with a smile to bounce back immediately.

gratitude depression

Having gratitude towards everything and everyone. There are a lot of situations which make you feel depressed but we need to understand it’s a situation which will pass by and for an outside situation you cannot let your inner peace and joy get affected.

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It's very easy When said than done: Everyone knows these are things to be done but “HOW” is the question. Answer to this question is the first and foremost thing to do is conscious physical activity be it yoga, walking, running, gym, swimming, cycling, aerobics, zumba, etc. Anything that suits you. Because this majorly secretes you are happy hormones and keep you balanced. Also keeps you physically fit. But on the top of the list comes Yoga, Meditation.


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When you want your mind to work for you and not against you The first thing is your body has to be flexible to make your mind flexible enough your body talks a lot about your mind. And also, Yoga keeps your neurological system in balance.

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When we talk about the neurological system, we think of meditation. It is all about just sitting with your spine straight with slightly chin up and focus between the eyebrows and watch your breathing. Breathing techniques like Pranayam, Anulom Vilom, Kapalbharti, Bhrahmari, Sukh kriya.

Aum Chanting

The universal sounds which help us create reverberation in our energy system. balancing our chakra. Balanced and good nutrition also plays a role.

Eating Healthy Food 

Eating enough and variety of fruits and vegetables especially greens to cleanse and detox you with rich antioxidants. And also refill your vitamins and minerals storage to heal and nourish and protect you. India is a reservoir of amazing herbs so why not have herbal drinks and teas. Using them in your food recipes can help a lot to heal. 

Being away from caffeine or minimising caffeine on a daily basis. Be far away from alcohol. Having fiber-rich foods, inculcating probiotics, and prebiotic foods to keep your gut healthy because the gut is your second brain a twin to your brain. keeping this brain healthy and happy will keep you mentally be happy. Minimising junk, sugar, unhealthy food. Eating early dinners, eating on time, eating just enough and don't overeat. Timely fasting and detoxification can help.

It is also important to connect with nature more often mountain walks like a simple walk on the beach, grass or in the forest away from the hustle of the city.

Relaxing messages to let release stress are very helpful in rejuvenating and taking your mind off subjects bothering you.

The above article has been contributed by Dr. Mickey Mehta, Global leading holistic health guru and a corporate life coach, exclusively to HerZindagi.