Pushups are considered to be a great set of exercises that can pump up your chest muscles majorly and allow you a good warm-up before you actually start your workout.  Take a look at some variations that you can try while doing your regular pushups and the benefits they offer.

Standard or Military Push-Up

  • The strict or military push-up is the most basic form of the push-up, all of the other types of push-ups are basically variations of the military push-up itself.
  • In order to do a strict push-up, lay down in a standard push-up position with both your hands touching the ground.
  • Both of your hands must not be more than 12 inches apart. Your hips and feet must be raised and should not lean more towards the ground.
  • Now, start by bending your elbows and move your chest towards the ground, your hips must be raised and your head should be facing up.
  • Breath in while you bend and breathe out while you push back up to the starting position.


The standard push-up exercise focuses primarily on the shoulder, chest, and tricep muscles. But it also ensures the build-up of core muscles and strengthens the upper body. A standard push-up also increases the blood flow in the upper regions of the body which improves the working of vital organs such as the lungs and the heart. Push-ups also keep a check on the overall health. 

Diamond Push-Up


The diamond push-up is done by starting in a standard plank position, that is, by placing the hands together and pointed inwards at an angle of 45 degrees towards each other. Make sure that your index fingers and thumbs touch one another to form the shape of a triangle. Now, keep your elbows straight and tight towards your body. Start bending your elbows to lower your chest towards your hands and pull back up to the starting position. Repeat the same process and keep up the breathing pattern same as before, inhale while bending and exhale while you pull back up. Throughout the process, make sure that you keep your hands directly below the chest to make this particular exercise a success.


The diamond push-up exercise first and foremost targets the tricep muscles in particular. But it also helps strengthen the upper body muscles, back, and front as well as the core muscles. It also benefits your lungs by increasing the lung capacity in response to the breathing exercise that goes along with it. Therefore, building up the stamina. 

Wide Hands Push-Up


  • Wide hands push-up exercise strongly resembles the standard push-up exercise. Both of them are quite similar with just one little difference that goes around with the placement of your hands.
  • This slight change in the placement of hands has a huge impact on the difficulty level of the latter, which makes this variation a lot more difficult than the first one.
  • In the wide hands push-up exercise, everything was done in the same manner as in a strict push-up but the hands is stretched farther out, about 2.5 to 3 feet from each other.
  • Farther the hands are stretched apart from the body, the more difficult it will be. Start bending like a regular push-up movement, keep tracking your elbows back in throughout the sets. 


Wide hand push-ups have a huge impact on the pectoral muscles as it stretches and strengthens them to a great extent. It also strengthens the upper body and core muscles and helps them grow. Hands being stretched outwards shifts the focus on forearm muscles as well, which means much stronger arms. Regular exercising along with the right diet ensures stronger and better bone density in the arms. 

Spider-Man Push-Up


  • As the name suggests, this exercise is heavily inspired by our one and only web-slinger and friendly neighborhood Spiderman. The body movements in this exercise resemble that of Spiderman climbing up and down of a building, hence the name.
  • In order to perform a Spiderman pushup, you must start in a standard plank position with hands slightly stretched out more than the shoulder-distance apart but they should still fall directly under your shoulders.
  • Now, tighten all the core muscles and start bending your elbows while lowering your chest towards the floor.
  • Follow the same breathing pattern as we learned earlier, inhale while bending and exhale while going back up.
  • As your body bends, bring your right knee up to your elbow just as your chest hovers about an inch from the ground. Now, reserve the complete movement and come back to the starting/rest position.
  • Don't forget to breathe out as you push back up. Repeat the same process to the opposite side, this time doing it with the left knee and elbow as you push down.
  • Remember to look after your breathing pattern and do the same as we learned earlier, inhale while pushing down and exhale while pushing back up. There you go, You just performed a Spiderman push-up.


This exercise focuses entirely on the core muscles and makes them stronger in addition to the typical push-up muscles. It also tends to increase blood flow to the legs and abdominal region. Regulation of oxygenated blood(home remedies for high blood pressure) to certain areas of the body ensures cell rejuvenation and proper functioning of the organs. 

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Archer Push-Up


  • Archer push-ups involve more body strength in order to perform them. As the entire weight of the body is focused and shifted towards one single-arm which makes it very difficult.
  • In order to do an Archer push-up, get yourself into the standard push-up position with hands placed wider than usual about 2 feet apart from each other.
  • Both of them must be pointed away from the body angled outwards at 45 degrees.
  • Now, start by lowering yourself on either side of the hand, exerting complete weight of your body on that particular side's arm.
  • Bring your chest and shoulder down to your hand on the same side while your other arm on the opposite side stretches and becomes fully suspended.
  • Push back up to the starting position and repeat the same process on the other hand side. You must also try to keep your feet away from one another to help make the exercise a little bit easier to perform.


While this exercise(leg exercises to perform during periods) is not for complete beginners, but it is very beneficial for the body. It promotes full-body control, super-strengthens the core as one side is supporting the majority of body weight. It helps keep the body controlled, steady, and tight. Applying a higher percentage of body weight to a single arm while the other arm resists can help you gain healthy muscle mass.

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