Periods are a really very hard time in every woman’s life and we always land up in a dilemma while deciding to go to workout during our menstruation. But did you know that working out during periods is super beneficial not only to cure cramps but also to keep you active and your mood uplifted.

In addition to that, regular exercise during periods may help your overcome fatigue and mood swings during periods, further, it can affect your endorphins, the hormones that induce the ‘feel good’ emotion. Along with that, workouts during periods can help you experience strength and power. Therefore, you must not skip working out on the days of your periods rather you should get up, go to the gym and perform these leg exercises. 

Side Lunges

side lungees

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Side lunges are a little easier than the normal lunges and they go easy on the knees so as to avoid any more pain during your periods. This exercise helps in curing the pain during the cramps, tone the hips, butt, and thigh muscles. Further, they make the stability of the body better and help you reduce the appearance of cellulite and promote side to side mobility and flexibility of the body.

Leg Press Machine

leg press

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When at the gym, the leg press is one of the best exercises to practice as it helps in building your quadriceps muscles and gluteus maximus, hamstrings, and calves. Doing it during the periods is even more beneficial as it prevents direct strain on the back and doesn’t keep the core engaged. All you have to do is apply a liftable weight to the machine and push with your legs in a predetermined motion. This exercise does build your strength and helps you to avoid the fear of your tampons being pushed down so that you can work out without any stress.

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Stiff Leg Dead Lift

stiff deadlift

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This another great exercise that you should do during your periods. This exercise works on your hamstrings and the lower back. Not only that, it strengthens the muscles and improves your mobility over time. You can perform this exercise using a barbell with a weight that you can easily lift, as we also have to remember not to push ourselves too much. You start by hinging forward at your waist and with knees absolutely stiff and straight, you lift the barbell right from the ground raising it up to the waist. This exercise also ensures stability and strength enforcement in the muscles. And it makes us more stable.

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Seated Quad Extension

quad ex

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Try to keep your period  work out simple but effective, keep in mind, the right posture, the right amount of weight (increase gradually and only when comfortable). So, last, but not the least is the seated quad extension exercise that is done using the quad extension machine. You have to be seated on the machine and lift the weight with your quad muscles. This exercise is primarily focused on shaping and toning the inner thighs, calves, and quads. Plus, it also strengthens the lower body making it more stable. Make sure that you perform these exercises with perfect posture so that you can prevent the chances of injury and knee pain. Hitting the final note, you can also perform standing calve raises, hamstring curls, simple lunges, and keep your self all motivated even while you’re on your periods. So, stay strong and keep working out.

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