Yes, who better than we women will understand what period cramps are like! That agony which kills our fervour to do anything else be it at work or home during the time... we understand and share the same problems, dear ladies! But don't you worry! It just occurred to me that why not gather a kit together and keep it handy and face our cramps like a boss?! It took some time but have finally made a list of what we will need and what will give us relief and I tried them all before listing them out so chill and scroll down, place your orders and be PMS Ready!

Sanitary Napkins

nua sanitary organic pads

This one pack of Nua Sanitary napkins contains 12 sanitary pads which are made of non-woven fabric and cotton with a super-absorbent core. They are organic, have no prints or perfume on the top layer to avoid rashes. They also come with a disposable cover with each pad. 

Her PMS Herbal Tea 

tea trove pms

If cramping and irritability are usual for your periods, then this tea is your best bet as it eases anxiety and balances hormones. This tea by Tea Trove has ingredients like ashoka, lodhra, shatavari, anantamool, ela, jatiphal, basically all-natural ingredients for relieving emotional and physical symptoms of PMS. 

Feminine Cramp Comfort Roll-On for Period Pain

jewel roll on pms relief

This Roll-On calms and cools the pain because of the ayurvedic ingredients it has which help you in relaxing even with the onset of periods. You have to apply the roll-on, on your lower abdomen, the lower back and any other specific area of pain before or during the periods. 

Power Gummies 

power gummies

A new concept in India, get yourself a box of these strawberry flavoured gummies which are rich in vitamin B6, vitamin C, magnesium sulphate, passionflower extract, citrus bioflavonoids, milk thistle extract, and chaste berry extract. Power Gummies ease insomnia, anxiety and work on all other PMS Symptoms to make life easier during those days of the month. They relax your muscles, repair body tissues and regulate hormone production as well.

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Dark Chocolate With Almond

hersheys dark chocolate

It is good to have small amounts of high-quality chocolate as it may actually help alleviate cramps and PMS. Chocolate has magnesium, which can help alleviate cramps and increase energy. It also contains endorphins, or what we call happy hormones, which can help improve your mood. You can buy a pack of Hershey's nuggets which are special dark chocolates with almonds. 

Pain Relief Patches For Period Pain 

pain relief patches

This is a 100 percent herbal Pain Relief Patch which is awesome for menstrual & muscular pain. It has menthol and eucalyptus which are natural pain relievers. It is super effective in relaxing the muscles within few minutes of application. The patch works for 8-12 hours and helps you to be active day or night without depending on pills or hot water bags. You can use this for pain in the lower abdomen, back, spasms and during other muscular pains as well. 

So get started, make your kit and be ready to be comfortable during your next period cycle. Stay tuned to HerZindagi for more useful lists that can ease your functioning in life.