Here Are Five Significant Reasons To Warm Up Your Body Before Exercising

Do you skip warming up before starting your actual workout session? Stop because warm-up is vital for the body. Read on to know why! 

Samriddhi Srivastava
Warm Up Your Body Before Exercising

When it comes to fitness we often talk about different types of exercises that will help us lose or gain weight. But most of us hardly give any emphasis on preparing the body for that extreme exhaustion. A warm-up is simply a series of physical activities that people do prior to their actual workout routine. The warm-up session consists of a couple of stretches, combined with cardiovascular exercises. The warm-up session that should ideally be done for about 15-20 minutes, depending on the intensity of your workout, has several significant benefits. Some of them are: 

Circulates Oxygen 

Oxygen is not just important for breathing, but it has more brief functioning in the body of a living being. Oxygen is needed to burn the sugar compounds and other fatty acids. This process then provides the energy to the entire system to function throughout the day. A warm-up helps the body to slowly start circulating the oxygen throughout the body more efficiently, especially to the muscle groups. This helps the body prepare for the extreme exhaustion that must be coming up post the warm-up session. 

We are not just talking about severe injuries, but also the one that happens inside the body. We never get to see those, but it does affect us in a way or the other. However, while exercising we don’t want our bodies to go through any such trauma, that’s why warming up is significant. It allows the body to increase the body temperature slowly, which then reduces the chances for muscle and tendon injuries. While severe internal injuries are rare during workouts, it can cause internal bleeding, further causing organ failure, which performs essential functions. 

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Boosts Performance

Working out should be fun and not stressful. While you start the session, you should also allow the brain to prepare and plan, to get the most out of the different types of exercises that you’re doing. The warm-up session gives you time to prepare mentally for your workout so that you work out efficiently and enjoy the whole process a bit more. Also, when your body is better prepped for whatever that’s coming, it handles the demands you make on it better. 

Increases Muscle Flexibility 

Increases Muscle Flexibility

Other than any body part, the warm-up session helps the muscles to become more flexible. The suppleness of muscle is imperative to be able to do different types of activities, including weight lifting, bending, aerobics, or any other form of work out. The better the warm-up, the more you’re likely to have mechanical efficiency. No matter if you want to lose weight, or have a toned body, each and everything will need the support and power of the exercising muscles, that’s why never skip the warm-up session, wherein the body takes the necessary steps for the upcoming developments. 


Prepares Cardiovascular System

A lot of stress comes upon the body while we exercise. It is most likely to affect the cardiovascular organs, that’s why it is significant to give the heart the time to adjust to the body’s increased demands for blood and oxygen. The function of the cardiovascular system is to provide a link between pulmonary ventilation and oxygen usage at the cellular level. And when we exercise, the need for efficient delivery of oxygen increases to transfer the fuel and blood to different parts of the body. An appropriate warm-up prepares the cardiovascular system for the upcoming more strenuous activities. 


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