Losing weight from around the thighs is tough. We keep on trying to shed some weight around that area, but it keeps coming back with the promise of making us look oh so healthy (and not in the good sense!). Butt flab, flab on our arms and flab on the belly make for sad stories but flab on the thighs is another thing altogether. Thigh flab is the enemy that stops us from wearing our favourite pair of jeans or that fitted short dress that we want to wear but can’t for the fear of being called ‘the girl with the thunder thighs’. Luckily there are some specific and simple workouts that you can do along with your regular jogging or brisk-walking sessions to make your thighs look shapely and walk confidently in your favourite outfits.


Planks activate the core muscles and place a lot of stress on the various muscle groups including that of the thighs. If you are doing them right then you will definitely feel the pressure on your belly and legs. Doing planks may seem tough at first so begin slowly by holding it all in for 30 seconds and then gradually keep increasing the timing to 1 minute, then 2 minutes and so on.



Squats are always the go-to exercise for reducing flab on the thighs and lose weight quickly. Start by doing regular squat repetitions on one knee, then two knees and after a few days, start doing squats with weights. For variety, you can do the walking squats too.

squat workout

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Cross Jacks

Done with jumping jacks to tone your body overall? Then go for this variation of this exercise to target the inner muscles of your thighs. Basically, you need to jump outwards and then cross your legs every time instead of joining them like the usual jumping jacks move.

Frog Bridge

You may have seen the glute bridge exercise which involves lifting your waist repetitively or holding it in the air for several seconds while lying down. Well, this is just a variation of the same wherein you have to join your feet at the end while lifting up your waist to strengthen your inner thigh muscles and sculpt your glutes.

Reverse Clamshell

Fat is usually accumulated in the inner thighs so doing this workout will help clench it out while strengthening your outer thighs as well as pelvic muscle. Just grab a big ball and keep it between your thighs, roll to the side (supporting your head with your elbow) and try to clench it with your inner thigh muscles. Repeat on the other side.

Weight Training

If you want to go a step further then start with weight training. Try the leg extension, leg curler, cable pulley machines, rowers and more to gain strength step and step while losing the stubborn fat. Do the repetitions as suggested by the trainer and take not if it pains more than usual as it may be a sign of overtraining in the gym.

weight train

When you are done with the workouts, always remember to stretch properly, allowing all those worked out muscles to relax so that you feel minimal pain afterwards. Continue this regimen strictly for a couple of months and see a new you!