Many of us make that wrong decision when we avoid going to the toilet while travelling, don't drink much water thinking 'AC mein baithe hain pyaas nahi lagti'... these are all very lame excuses ladies. This is seriously very harmful as it can damage our kidneys forever! Not just these two there are many other habits that can ruin our health in the long term and who knows earlier than we anticipated!

Not Drinking Enough Water  

It is very important to hydrate our body for the smooth functioning of our organs. Keeping your body hydrated is important for your organs to function properly, especially the kidneys. The water helps in flushing out the toxins and this makes it easier for the kidneys to clean your system. If you do not drink ample water, you develop the risk of having UTI and kidney stones. Have at least 2 litres of water a day. But don't go overboard either. 

Eat Less Food Which Is High In Sodium

Ditch those foods which are high in sodium. Get your diet in order or else you will develop high blood pressure and your hands, feet and ankles may swell.   

Don't Hold Back From Going To The Toilet

avoiding pee

Many who don't know, our bladder can hold around two cups of liquid for three to four hours. But because some people have an issue in going to public bathrooms hold back for more which can be very damaging. By not going to the loo you are holding back your organs from flushing out the toxins. This could lead to UTI, damage of pelvic floor muscles, kidney stones and more.

Not Aware Of Your Blood Pressure

It is high time you monitor your blood pressure and make that a habit. Kidney damage can lead to hypertension. How? Our kidney uses the blood and blood vessels from the cardiovascular system so as to filter the toxins and distribute the nutrients. If you have high BP jthen it means something is wrong with our cardiovascular system. 

Sweet Tooth

sweet tooth

Yes sweets are amazing but having a lot of them is very dangerous. It can lead to the development of type 2 diabetes but you could also be in danger of kidney damage. Even artificial sweeteners won’t help with the issue. 

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Drink & Smoke

drink smoke

Smoking cigarettes makes it harder for our kidneys to filter the toxins. Also, alcohol causes dehydartion and pushes your kidney's ability to balance your bodily fluids. This also raises your blood pressure.

Red Meat

Once in a while is fine but having red meat is dangerous if had regularly. Animal meat or animal protein sources have toxins like ammonia and nitrogen. Go for other alternatives perhaps like fish and poultry maybe. 

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You Don’t Exercise & Sit For Long Hours

Less movement can lead to cancer, diabetes and heart attack. By exercising in any form, you are also keeping your cardiovascular muscles in check which benefits your kidney functions.