Anushka Sharma Does Shirshasana During Third Trimester, Benefits Of Doing It

There are a lot of yoga asanas that benefit your overall body. Shirshasana or headstand is one such yoga pose.

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anushka sharma headstand shirshasana

A lot of Bollywood divas rely on Yoga for their health and fitness. Even when they are pregnant, nothing stops them from practicing Yoga. Anushka Sharma is expecting her first baby and spending the third trimester by practicing Yoga. 

Recently, Anushka Sharma took to her social media and shared a picture of herself doing the Shirshasana. Virat Kohli can be seen helping her doing the headstand. Have a look at Anushka Sharma's doing the Shirshasana. 

In the post, she shared that her doctor recommended her doing some asanas as Yoga has been a big part of her life. She further shared that she has been doing Shirshasana for many years and always used a wall for support. 

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Benefits Of Shirshasana

Gives You A Healthy Body

The waste in our body moves through the lymphatic system. Performing this pose helps in the movement of the waste accumulated in our body. This also helps in the removal of all the harmful toxins from the body which further gives us a healthy body. 

Relieves Stress

Performing this asana helps in improving the blood circulation in the body from the heads to the bottom part of the body. A good flow of blood relaxes our muscles and gives our body a calming effect. 

Healthy Brain

It is essential that your brain gets enough blood flow for proper functioning. Performing shirshasana helps in improving brain function. It also helps in relieving issues like headaches and migraines. 

Makes Arms And Shoulder Strong

shirshasana benefits health

Holding yourself while practicing the headstand helps in strengthening your arms and shoulder. All the pressure used while performing this pose goes on the shoulder and forearms which further helps in improving their strength. 

Treats Hair Issues

A lot of us suffer from hair problems because the nutrient-rich blood is unable to reach our head and scalp. Performing this asana helps in increasing the blood flow in the head. It strengthens the hair follicles and prevents many hair problems like hair fall, hair thinning among others. 

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Good For Eye Sight

Practicing this asana everyday helps in increasing the amount of oxygen and blood reaching the eyes. This increase in blood flow helps in improving your eyesight. It also prevents eye-related problems. 

Improves Digestion

shirshasna health yoga

When you perform this asana, it gets easier for your digestive system to release trapped gas and unhealthy food materials accumulated in your stomach. This further improves digestion and prevents issues like constipation, and indigestion. 

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Increases Focus

After practising the headstand, blood flow in your head increases and it further helps in improving your focus and mental capacity. It also helps in making your mind sharp and healthy. 


Cures Diabetes

When you perform the shirshasana, the pancreas function well through an increased blood flow, and this further helps in regulating the sugar levels in the blood. 


If you are pregnant, make sure you perform this asana after consulting your doctor. Always perform this yoga asana under the supervision of an expert. Those having neck or back issues should skip this asana. Those who are practising this asana for the first time should do it with some support. For more such stories related to health and fitness, stay tuned! 

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