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    These Yoga Poses For Pregnancy Will Keep You Healthy And Glowing!

    Prenatal Yoga works like a bridge between you and the unborn child, says Sarvesh Shashi, Founder & CEO at SARVA Yoga, Mindfulness and Beyond.
    Updated at - 2020-07-03,12:39 IST
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    It comes as no big surprise that ‘Prenatal Yoga’ is an excellent form of Yoga for pregnant women, to help ease physical and mental stress. It can help ease nausea, fatigue, weakness, mood swings, hormonal imbalances, shortness in breath, gastric problems and bloating. Prenatal Yoga has countless physical benefits but what about mental and spiritual wellness? Well, there’s that too! It aids in preparing the mother-to-be for the journey that lies ahead in welcoming a new life into the world. Sarvesh Shashi, Founder & CEO at SARVA - Yoga, Mindfulness and Beyond, told HerZindagi that these yoga exercises give the expecting mom mental strength to enter motherhood and the numerous responsibilities that come along with it. Prenatal Yoga does the most incredible thing, it allows you to establish a bond and connection with your unborn child. Heightened awareness enables you to connect with your breath, creating a union between mind, body, and soul with the one growing within.

    Yoga and meditation can greatly influence your quality of life, so when practiced during pregnancy, it allows the mother to be to become more relaxed and mindful. It is not uncommon to find anxious and agitated pregnant women, especially first-time mothers. There are specific Yoga asanas and pranayama’s which should be practiced in each Trimester. If you have been practicing yoga for a long time, then the natural transition into your pregnancy is easier and more efficient. If you are a Yoga newbie then, you need to take it slow and find yourself a trainer or take a class to help yourself ease in and start your prenatal Yoga journey. Prenatal Yoga can relieve serious cramps, back pains and swollen joints, which are a few common problems faced by pregnant women. A smooth Yoga flow that puts the pain to rest works like magic. As you start a practice, you must keep in mind that being guided by a professional is always advised.

    Here are a few asanas that can help you have an enriched and smooth pregnancy:

    The Cat-Cow Pose

    cat cow pose pregnancy

    The Cat-Cow pose delivers a good stretch to the momma-to-be and offers great relief for lower back pain and of course, helps with blood circulation throughout the upper back and the lower body.

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    Warrior Poses

    warrior pose pregnancy

    The Warrior I & II, these poses help greatly with strengthening legs and the core, allowing to instill more confidence and as the name suggests bravery and courage.

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    Legs Up The Wall Pose

    leg up the wall pose

    This pose is about to become one of our absolute favourites. The legs up the wall pose can relieve a lot of pain and swelling around the ankles. This pose is relaxing and promotes blood circulation, you will find yourself resorting to this pose several times a day!

    Child's Pose

    child pose pregnancy

    This restorative pose is relaxing on so many levels, allowing you to submit and allow healing and rejuvenation to occur. In this pose you are also in a fetal position, further connecting with your child.

    Bound Angle Pose

    bound angle pregnancy

    This pose may be one of the most comfortable postures during your pregnancy, as it allows space for your belly, promotes flexibility and relaxes and stretches your muscles.

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    Corpse Pose

    corpse pose pregnancy

    Enjoy this pose as much as you can, for further into your pregnancy, you'll face difficulty in lying still on your back. The slow mental and physical relaxation that this pose offers is unparalleled. The corpse pose allows you to renew your energy and live your pregnant days with a little increased comfort.

    Pregnancy is a beautiful process, one where a maiden makes a full transformation to a mother. A lot changes, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Yoga and meditation hold a beautiful lamp along the way, ensuring you have a holistic pregnancy and safe and relaxed childbirth.

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