Weight loss is the first point in most of our checklists especially in this scenario when we all have been homebound due to this pandemic and have been stuffing ourselves left, right and center. Besides working out, looking for food options that will not make us crave all the sinful dishes is our top priority. It is said that we must skip most food items that have carbohydrates except for a few as the body does need that as well. Instead, we should have high protein items. So what are these and are these easily available at an affordable price? Take a look at this list which has something for everyone and are a rich source of proteins.

Chia Seeds

These seeds are easily available not just online but in stores as well. They are not very expensive and a small quantity goes a long way.  They are heavy on omega-3, calcium and fiber. Most vegans have it as a substitute to eggs. These can be had in smoothies and even salads.


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Yes, they are a bit expensive but totally worth it. Maybe once a week is a good option. It is said to be excellent for the heart as well. Avocados have unsaturated fat, potassium and other nutrients and fiber. However, it does have calories so go easy on them. 


Great options for sure, eggs are very rich in protein and nutrients. Not the yolk but the egg white is a top priority for those who want to maintain their weight and work out. Sprinkle some salt and pepper and have with tomatoes and cucumber for breakfast. You can also add them to your salads.

Chicken Breast

chicken breast pro

This is a universally known fact but for those who may not know, chicken breast is high on proteins and one very big reason why all weight watchers stick to grilled and tandoori versions of it. Prepare them using this recipe.

Pumpkin seeds

Roast them with a sprinkle of salt and you will love these seeds. They are easily available and are full of protein and minerals, like selenium and magnesium. They make an amazing snack while working and can be had with a mug of green tea as well.


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Some people skip on roti and stick to bowls of cooked lentils. The reason is that this heavy dose of plant protein and fiber is extremely affordable and it also helps promote heart health.


These are low-calorie nuts and they are high on proteins. They are also rich in B-6. But the catch is that you must have only a handful and not go "nuts" on them. You may even face stomach issues in case you go overboard. 

Cottage Cheese Or Paneer

Rich in calcium and other nutrients, this dairy product is super high on protein. Have it in a sandwich or Indian dish with less oil or even in a salad, it is perfect for weight loss and the taste is great so you will not make any faces either.

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broccoli pro

Not loved by some people but this green fresh flower can be delicious and rich in nutrients at the same time. The right seasoning and recipe can be easily a part of your diet as it is rich in folate and potassium.  

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These nuts are high on calories but a handful a day in roasted form or raw, make for an extremely protein-rich and filling snack.

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The good old gobhi or cauliflower is said to be high on protein and has very few calories. That is one reason why weight watchers recommend cauliflower rice as well.

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