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Have Moong Dal or Mung Beans For Weight Loss & Good Digestion

Here is why you should not avoid having moong dal for lunch even if you are not a fan of it.
Published -31 Jul 2020, 08:00 ISTUpdated -30 Jul 2020, 18:32 IST
dal moong benefits

Have dals and grains for a healthy body no matter how much you detest them, is one line that many dieticians and even our parents have been saying since we were kids. The primary reason is that pulses are full of so many nutrients that are good for growth and to maintain our health. Each dal has its own benefits be it urad, masar, arhar or what we are going to talk about, the green moong dal or mung beans. We can have this dal with rice whether as a curry or dry that is upto your recipe, or even as sprouts, something which is very common in Asian countries. Moong dal is also considered very lucky in terms of wealth in many households. So let’s take a look at some benefits that will encourage you to add it to your diet. 

Heart Health

heart moong

Who doesn’t want a healthy heart? Add this dal to your meal at least once a week as it helps in lowering our blood pressure, and also protects against those dreadful muscle cramps. This dal is also said to help in normalising the irregular heartbeat.

Weight Loss

weight loss moong

Moong dal is very good for improving the functioning of the cholecystokinin hormone. This hormone makes us feel fuller and also improves the metabolic rate. This in turn, helps in weight loss. So either have it for lunch with rice or roti or have a bowl of it as sprouts when you feel like snacking in the evening.

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Known for its low glycemic index, these green grains are said to help in bringing down the fat levels, insulin and blood in the body. It, therefore, keeps the blood sugar levels and diabetes in check.


digestion moong

Moong dal or mung beans help in producing a fatty acid known as butyrate in the gut. It is very good for our intestinal walls. The presence of anti-inflammatory properties helps in preventing and accumulation of gas. It is also good for digestion considering the fiber content.

Nutrients Galore

A storehouse of nutrients, moong dal has minerals like iron, potassium, magnesium, and copper. You will be amazed to know that it also has loads of high-quality protein apart from being rich in folate, fiber, and vitamin B6. With the presence of vitamin B, it helps in breaking down carbohydrates to glucose and produces energy for your body. Folic acid is what we need for a good healthy brain functioning process and in the production of DNA.  

The fiber in the dal helps in lowering blood cholesterol levels, while also preventing dietary complications. 

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The high protein content is excellent for tissue repairing and building in our body, besides being a building block of bones, muscles, blood, cartilage, and skin.

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Blood Circulation

Consumption of this dal is excellent for your blood circulation as it has iron which helps in the proper production of red blood cells. This also helps in preventing anemia. Also, in school if you remember, we learnt that our blood also helps in carrying oxygen to our heart and other various organs and cells in the body, so this makes moong dal somewhat of a hero, doesn’t it?

Hoping that this would encourage you to have more dals for lunch or dinner, I would also recommend that you consult your doctor once as some people may have certain allergies or reactions to different nutrients it provides. 

Stay tuned to HerZindagi for more information on what all benefits your regular dal and sabzi have that you may not have thought of earlier.


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