Figs or anjeer is believed to be one of the healthiest fruits. This healthy and delicious fruit is super juicy and has a lot of crunchy seeds. Most people like having it as a dry fruit. Packed with vitamins and minerals, figs are highly nutritious and are recommended by doctors for their amazing health benefits. 

It is believed that having figs after soaking them in water overnight is the most beneficial for health. This is because the body is able to absorb its nutrients better. Jaya Johri, Dietician, LNJP Hospital shared that soaking figs increases digestibility.

Soak 2-3 dry figs in water and keep it overnight. You can consume these in the morning. Read on to know how having soaked figs in the morning will benefit your health. 

Prevents Constipation

Constipation is one of the most common digestive disorders many of us face today. Having soaked figs in the morning helps improve bowel movement. Figs have soluble fibre and insoluble fibre which helps in maintaining a healthy digestive system which further prevents any issues like constipation. Other than having figs, make sure you also follow a healthy diet packed with fiber-rich fruits and vegetables to prevent the digestive problem. 

Helps In Losing Weight

figs weight loss

Consuming soaked anjeer first thing in the morning helps you stay full for longer and prevents any cravings through the day, further helping you prevent weight gain (foods to avoid for weight loss). Figs are rich in fiber which takes time to digest and prevents you from consuming more calories. 

Regulates Blood Sugar Level

If you are diabetic or want to keep your blood sugar level in control, eating soaked figs is great for you. Figs have chlorogenic acid present in them which helps in regulating the blood sugar levels. Due to the presence of potassium in figs, they help in controlling the blood sugar levels in the body. 

Improves Heart Health

Figs or anjeer help in reducing the triglycerides present in the blood which are fat particles. They stick to the blood vessels is one of the common reasons behind a heart attack. Having soaked figs everyday helps you have a healthy heart.

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Gives You Strong Bones

figs for bones

A lot of women suffer from calcium deficiency and soaked figs are a must-have for them. The expert shared that figs are good source of potassium and calcium. Consuming figs helps you give strong bones. 

Good For Expecting Mothers

Figs are loaded with zinc, manganese, minerals, magnesium which are all great for the expecting mother. Those planning to get pregnant should also have it as it helps fertility. Adding soaked figs to your diet helps in a healthy pregnancy. 

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Lowers Chances Of Cancer

figs health

Figs are rich in fibre which helps in fighting the free radicals in the body which are known to cause cancer in the body. Consuming soaked figs everyday helps in lowering the chance of common cancers like breast cancer and colon cancer. 

Though figs are highly nutritious and have numerous benefits for your health, make sure you consult your doctor before making it a part of your diet if you are undergoing any medication or treatment. For more such health-related stories, stay tuned!