Eating right and working out are the two main ingredients in the recipe of weight loss. They go hand in hand and let's face it, not everyone has that kind of determination on the first go. The motivation is there but the will power tests you in so many ways that it becomes a tough journey. So how about taking baby steps and first eliminate the items that tempt us and are right there in the kitchen? Yes, you will be surprised as to how many items you actually possess that have been adding to your calories. 

Deep Fryer

Fried food is a huge no-no so it is but obvious that you have to get rid of anything that helps in frying food.

air fryer

They taste amazing but you cannot afford to have high fat and calorie content-rich food right? Imagine the amount of oil that seeps into your food and you end up chomping on nothing but 50 percent of the food items and 50 % oil. Go for an air fryer instead. 

Low-Quality Plastic Containers With BPA

We Indians have a habit of throwing nothing and utilising every food container that comes our way to store items in the fridge or freeze. Most of these containers have been found to have BPA (bisphenol A) which is rather toxic and the effects can be disastrous. It can trigger cardiovascular diseases, infertility, weight gain, and insulin resistance as well. It also effects our hormone functioning which is responsible for regulating our blood sugar. It elevates fat storage as well so why take that risk? Get rid of canned food and cheap plastic containers and switch to glass, steel or containers which are BPA free. 

Non-Stick Pan

non stick

Yes, this is something you would not expect to be present in this list. The chemical coatings in non-stick cookware are what is not so friendly. Cooking in it is so easy and cleaning them is a dream but when the food temperature rises, the coating breaks down and releases the unwanted chemicals into your food. These chemicals can cause a lot of health issues and since they ate obesogens, they are not what you need for weight loss. Go for iron cookware or stainless steel. 



White sugar has no nutrition, is very high on calories and is totally useless for body functioning. If you want to lose weight, then completely eliminate it from your kitchen. Switch to healthier alternatives like jaggery. 

White Bread

When you talk of white bread, dear reader, it is nothing but white carbs. If you must have bread then go for whole wheat or whole grains. 

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Juices are good but packaged juices are strictly prohibited if you are on a weight loss journey. They have preservatives although many claim that they have 0 % of the same. Even if they do, nothing beats a proper fruit that has high fiber content as well. Juices lack fiber and they also have artificial flavouring. 

Packaged Cereals

Have a regular breakfast but do not have packaged cereals unless they are handmade. They are extremely unhealthy and just not what you must start your day with. They have hydrogenated oil, high sugar and the calorie content is just not what you need for weight loss. 

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Refined Grains

Cornmeal, maida and white rice need to be put in a corner now if you want to lose weight. They are not as high on nutritional content either especially if your rice is polished. Switch things a little, stock up on millets, oatmeals, red and black rice or brown rice instead. 

So start with these little things and eventually you will lose weight with some good workouts. You could also dance an hour daily which is also a good workout. Stay tuned to HerZindagi for more tips on losing weight.