A lot of us are stressed due to work and endless responsibilities back at home. While this may not directly affect your well-being in a big way, you start feeling frail, and sluggish at some point. This mostly happens due to the lack or deficiency of nutrients in the body. One can’t just keep on using the body’s juices and skip on filing them back. After consulting a doctor, most people start relying on multivitamin tablets. 

But even your doctor at some point suggests you to have more nutritious foods, instead of completely depending on pills. This is because under no circumstances natural sources of nutrients can harm you. There are several foods that can do as good as your multivitamin pills. We curated a brief list of such food items for you. Have a look and start adding these to your diet! 



From kids to adults, everyone loves banana for its yummy taste. The fruit is known for its endless benefits, such as helping with digestive issues, looking after your immune system, etc. Banana is capable of all this because it is packed of various significant nutrients. Most important among them are potassium and fibre. Other than these, it also gives you the goodness of vitamin B6 and tryptophan. 


We Indians love having beans in our daily meals. Either we prepare rajma, or add different types of beans to our dishes to elevate the taste of our food. This is a great habit, as beans are crucial if you want your body to stay in the best state. It most importantly looks after your digestive health because it is rich in fibre. Besides this, beans also have copper, folate, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorous, potassium, and zinc. All of these together will keep you healthy, fit and fine.  



We women have to look after our office, kids, and the entire family. No matter how much help we get, in the end, you are the one who takes care of everything so that your family can function smoothly. This is a daunting task, and need a lot of mental and physical strength. Hence, eggs are a must-have for you. It is a food item packed with necessary dietary fibre, vitamin C, copper, riboflavin, vitamin B-12, selenium, phosphorus, and iron. 


In order to keep the body in shape, a lot of us simply remove potatoes (aloo Frankie recipe) from the diet. But the vegetable is extremely important for you to function efficiently. It has significant elements to help you with the needed energy to last throughout the day. Also, it gives you vitamin B6, vitamin C, iron, and magnesium. 

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Last but by no means the least, spinach (spinach pizza recipe). This green leafy vegetable is known to make your skin and hair shine bright. But don’t underestimate spinach for being an item that is to enhance your beauty. A bowl of spinach a day will give your body the most crucial elements to stay robust, some of them are vitamin K, vitamin A, manganese, folate, magnesium, iron, copper, and much more. 

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