Indian fruit markets have an impressive variety available and we all are aware of almost all the fruits out there. However, have you heard of Lakshman Phal or Sour Sop

Our country is one of the largest fruit producers in the world and we have a lot to offer in terms of the fruit variety.

A native of Brazil, this fruit is commonly found in South India. This fruit doesn't look like your regular fruits. This green fruit comes with a thick outer skin that has thorns. On the inside, it has creamy pulp and black seeds.

This fruit is believed to be the cure for many common health issues. 

Let's quickly take you through the amazing benefits of sour sop or lakshman phal.

Lakshman Phal Fights Cancer

Many call this fruit nature's chemotherapy. It is believed that consuming this fruit and its leaves can beat around 12 different types of cancer cells. It is believed that it can prevent one from breast, lung, pancreatic cancer among others. Usually, cancer patients have to undergo treatments like chemotherapy which has many side effects. However, this fruit is said to kill cancer cells in the body without having any side effects. Consuming this fruit helps in cancer growth in the body.

Lakshman Phal Prevents UTI

lakshman phal benefits soursop

UTI or urinary tract infection is one of the most common health issues women face today. Eating sour sop or lakshman phal can help fight this issue. It is rich in vitamin C and helps to maintain the acidic levels in urine. Usually, when these acidic levels are on a rise, there are higher chances of getting infected. 

Lakshman Phal Is Good For Digestion

This vitamin C rich fruit is great for our digestive system. Consuming it regularly helps keep any digestive disorders at bay. The fruit has a good amount of soluble and insoluble fiber content present in it which fights issues like constipation. If you are someone suffering from digestion issues, you must add this fruit to your diet.

What Does The Expert Say?

Ayurvedic Consultant, Dr. Ruchi Bhardwaj shared, "Lakshman phal is a great antioxidant, it has high nutritive value. Consuming this fruit can help prevent the growth of cancer cells. Those with UTI conditions should consume it to control bacterial infection."

"Also, the high fiber present in the fruit helps provide relief from constipation. The fruit is pitta shamak which prevents from migraine and cures anemic conditions."

Lakshman Phal Prevents Water Retention

A lot of us feel bloated during our menstrual cycle because of the water retention. Eating lakshman phal during that time of the month can help you prevent bloating. That's because sour sop has a good amount of potassium present in it which prevents water retention.

Lakshman Phal Keeps Bones Healthy

sour sop

The fruit is a good source of calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc which are all beneficial for our health in many ways, especially our bones. Consuming this fruit can help keep our bones healthy.

Lakshman Phal Helps Maintain Good Cholesterol

The fruit is a rich source of niacin which helps in maintain the cholesterol in the body. High cholesterol levels can be harmful for your heart health. It is a good idea to add this fruit to your diet to keep the cholesterol levels in check.
Though lakshman phal or sour sop is super healthy for you, it is important that you consult your doctor before making it a part of your diet if undergoing medication or a health treatment. For more such health-related stories, stay tuned!