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    Start Eating These Foods To Get Instant Constipation Relief

    One of the most common health problems is constipation. Food plays a key role in regularising the bowel movement. Here are some foods that can help yo...
    Updated at - 2018-10-25,17:58 IST
    foods home remedies for constipation relief

    One of the most common health problems is constipation. A lot of people suffer from it but are unable to find a perfect solution to treat it. There are a lot of causes behind a person suffering from constipation. Possible reasons could be lack of physical activity, a lower fiber diet or even growing age.


    Tea/ Coffee

    coffee tea remedy for constipation

    Hot beverages are a great remedy that helps you deal with constipation. You can consume tea, coffee or even green tea as they will stimulate the bowel movement and give relief from constipation. 


    apples remedy for constipation

    One of the major reasons behind constipation is a low fiber diet. You should add a lot of fiber in your diet in the form of fruits. Apples have a lot of fiber. They promote regular bowel movements. Eating apples regularly help you have a better digestive system and also treats constipation. 

    Chia Seeds

    Chia seeds are the most talked about health foods these days but did you know that they can be used to treat constipation also? Yes, chia seeds are high in fiber and they contain healthy fats that help in treating constipation. You can consume chia seeds with water. Add 2 to 3 tablespoons of chia seeds to water and drink it once in a day. 


    Another great food you should be eating to get relief from constipation is bananas. Bananas are super rich in fibre and they are great for consumption when you are not able to poop. 

    Lemon Water

    lemon water remedy for constipation

    Your body needs a lot of water for a better digestive system. Water helps in softening your stool and you should keep your body hydrated all day. The best way to have it is with lemons. Lemons are acidic in nature and help in improving your digestive system. When consumed with water, lemons can act as a great remedy for constipation. Warm a glass of water and squeeze lemon juice in it. Drink lemon juice before going to sleep or early in the morning. 


    Oatmeal is a great breakfast food! It is healthy and delicious. You can also use oatmeal to treat constipation. Oats have a lot of fibre. Half of this fibre is insoluble and this helps in improving your digestion. Consume a bowl of oatmeal every day to prevent constipation. 

    Coconut Water

    Coconut water is a healthy drink. It is recommended to everyone for a healthier living. It can also work great for your digestion process. Drinking it regularly keeps your body hydrated. It has high electrolyte content which helps in easing out constipation.

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    Your favourite corns can also act as a great remedy for constipation. Corns have insoluble fibre which improves your bowel system and helps you get relief from constipation. 

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