Granola bars, flavoured yogurt, energy drinks – each one of these is considered to be a superfood by many. These food items might be trendy and every other person is consuming it to become fit but are they really good for you? With all the food trends going on, it is difficult to recognise which food item is healthy and which is not. All these food items will claim to help you get fit but are probably filled with preservatives and added sugar that might be harmful for your body.

Apart from damaging your body, another concern is that you might end up eating more of it as these are really addictive which can further harm your well-being. To help you make smarter choices, we are here with a list of food items that claim to be healthy but actually aren’t.


Granola sounds super nutritious but it is actually not. Whether you are having a granola bar or garnishing your smoothie bowl with it, this shouldn't be prefered as it is full of fat and added sugar. All the ingredients including rolled oats, dried fruits, nuts and seeds might sound low-fat but these are often coated by sweeteners and baked in oil turning these nutritious items into unhealthy ones.

Sports Drink

energy drink fake healthy

If you have exercised for an hour or two, then you might need energy drinks to replace the lost electrolytes and hydrate your body in order to feel energised. However, these drinks contain high levels of calories and also have added sugar content. It is surely great for athletes to replenish the lost nutrients but is not recommended for a normal person.

Diet Soda

It is a known fact that regular soda is extremely harmful for our body due to high levels of sugar but we should also know that diet soda is equally unhealthy. It may claim to be calorie – free but these have artificial sweeteners that are proven to increase the number of bad bacteria in the gut. Sugar and artificial sweeteners are no different from each other as the body reacts in the same way to the both of them. Therefore, it is highly advised to avoid any kind of soda.

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Dried Fruit

When fruits are dried, they lose all their water-soluble nutrients, thus taking away the healthy part from these fruits. This can also mean that you will easily indulge in over-eating. Apart from this, a lot of dried fruits are coated with extra amounts of sugar (common sugar myths), thus making it super unhealthy. 

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Flavoured Yogurt

yogurt fake healthy

Yogurt is supposed to be one of the healthiest foods as the probiotics in it help your body to grow and fight against harmful diseases. Thinking the same, we often consume flavoured yogurt but it isn’t the same as it has high amounts of added sugar.

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However, if you want to go for a healthier version and still don’t want to compromise on the taste, then look for a low-fat version or Greek yogurt. You can also use natural sweeteners like berries for your yogurt and make it a bit healthier.

If you also have these items lying in your kitchen, then you should immediately get rid of these and subsitute them for a healthier version. For more such stories, stay tuned to HerZindagi!