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    Add Lobster To Your Diet For Amazing Health Benefits

    Although lobster is a bit expensive but at the same time it has several amazing health benefits.
    Updated at - 2021-06-28,15:16 IST
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    All of you must have heard that lobsters are considered a delicacy because of its high price however what you might not know is that lobsters are also special as they are filled with nutrients. Read on to know more about all its amazing health benefits.

    Rich In Protein

    It is a given that all kinds of meat contain protein but at the same time are high in fat. However, lobsters are extremely rich in protein but also have lower levels of saturated fat. This makes lobster an ideal item to consume. Eating just 3 ounces of lobster will provide you with more than 30 percent of the daily recommended value.

    Weight loss

    Lobsters contain less calories as compared to some other food items. Along with this, lobsters contain omega – 3 fatty acids making lobsters perfect for those who are looking to lose weight. If you are trying to shed some weight, then seafood is recommended instead of any other kind of meat.

    Decreases Inflammation

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    Aforementioned, lobsters are rich in protein and “good“ fat content is found in its crustacean. This results in reduced amounts of inflammation within the body. The omega – 3 fatty acids present in lobster are necessary for maintaining our cholesterol level.

    Apart from this, they also increase the production of lipid-like compounds called prostaglandins that can protect our body. This is important for the overall health of our body, from arthritic conditions to cardiovascular and circulatory health.

    Strengthens Bones

    If you want strong bones, then it is essential to consume your daily dose of minerals. Many may not know this but lobster is a rich source of calcium and phosphorus. These essential minerals help to increase bone mineral density. Thus, it prevents osteoporosis and other factors that can make your bones weak.

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    Energy Booster

    Lobster contains a large number of minerals and vitamins, vitamin B (B12) which is directly linked with keeping your nervous system functioning properly and maintaining nerve integrity. Apart from this, lobster is a very good source of choline which is a water – soluble nutrient that can increase your production of neurotransmitters.

    This leads to increased brain function and efficiency along with protecting you from the harmful effects of neurodegenerative diseases. Thus, it results in increased levels of energy.

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    Healthy Heart

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    Lobsters are rich in sodium that can have harmful effects on the heart but at the same time, it contains other beneficial fats that can reduce the levels of inflammation (inflammatory foods) and prevent atherosclerosis. In case you are having any existing heart conditions, then it is advised to avoid lobsters but high concentration of omega-3s and omega-6 that is found in lobster can actually help to balance your cholesterol levels.

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    Healthy Thyroid

    Lobsters help with the thyroid because of the selenium found in them. The substance acts as antioxidants, thus helps the thyroid (battle thyroid with facial yoga) to absorb what it needs to work efficiently while keeping bad cells from causing it harm. Therefore, a healthy thyroid can be possible by consuming large amounts of lobster.

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