Today, we are consciously moving towards a healthier lifestyle. Most of us are trying and many have made positive changes in their lives already. But are we doing it right? 

Obesity is one common health issue that acts as an invitation to several diseases. Following crash diets, taking up weight loss advice from unreliable sources, we do it all but end up getting in trouble. Why? Our bodies function a certain way and we need to fuel it with the right foods.

Before anything else, one thing you need to do is stop believing certain health myths that can harm you in the long run. There is a lot of misinformation floating around, especially when it comes to sugar. Here are a few myths about sugar that you need to stop believing right now.

Sugar Is Bad For You

Most studies say that sugar makes you fat. Yes, sugar adds to those extra calories but you can't stop consuming it completely. Sugar is necessary for your body. Anything that comes with natural sugar is good for your body. Foods like fruits and milk come with natural sugar and these are not unhealthy. It comes with the much-required vitamins, minerals, and nutrients for your body. Having added sugar to your food like cakes, cookies, and other desserts are considered unhealthy. Also, when it comes to added sugar, it is more important to watch which sugar you buy, and not just how much sugar you eat in a day! Loose sugar that is available in the market is exposed to dust, pollution, insects, pests and is handled by unclean hands. The storage areas are also not at par with that of the packaged sugar. Make sure you choose sugar wisely. A lot of sugar brands like Madhur Sugar offer refined sugar using a sulphur-free process which is a better option for consumption. 

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Brown Sugar Is Better For You

There are a lot of misconceptions related to brown sugar. And one of the most important ones is brown sugar is healthier than its white counterpart. But studies suggest something totally opposite. Brown sugar is processed by the body quite similarly like it processes white sugar.

In fact, the colour that is added to the brown sugar comes from the addition of molasses. There are two reasons for it. Sometimes, the manufacturer doesn’t refine it completely or while other times, they decide to artificially add it to the sugar. While brown sugar has traces of minerals like calcium, iron, and potassium, their negligible quantities in loose sugar will not add much value to your health. In addition, it is still harmful due to the process of sulphitation that it undergoes. It’s always safe to go for the sugar that goes through a sulphur-free refining process. 

Sugar Turning Yellow Is Considered As Normal Ageing 

Wrong! There is a popular misconception when it comes to the colour of sugar. Sugar that looks pure white is considered to be treated with chemicals, however, that is not the case. Branded sugar like Madhur uses a refining process to remove all impurities. Loose sugar, on the other hand, in an attempt to make it cheap and cut costs, is treated with sulphur and hence turns yellow. You can also check the purity of the sugar by dissolving it in water and if it remains colourless, it means the sugar is pure and free of any impurities.

Sugar Refined Through Sulphur-Free Process Uses Other Chemicals

Most branded sugars look pure white, which people think is treated with chemicals. But not many people know that these brands use international standard processes to refine the sugar and remove the impurities which change its colour to pure white Brands like Madhur go a step ahead. They have introduced state-of-the-art automation processes to ensure there are zero chances of contamination. They also offer sugar that’s refined without sulphur and do not use other harmful chemicals as well. The refining process includes extracting juice from sugarcane that gets refined into pure white crystals.

You can't just strike sugar off your diet. Consuming sugar in moderation is ideal, but it is also important that you consume the right sugar. Some of the best sugar brands like Madhur Sugar is made using a sulphur-free process and is hygienically packed. Always ensure to keep a check on the ingredients every time you buy sugar. And remember, having the right sugar and having it in moderation can never put your health at stake.

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